Tofu Tuesday: Have I got any food on my face?


Tofu the bunny has enjoyed supervised outdoor time 3 days in a row. We let him out before the 2 weeks of restricted time was up because he’s been healing really well and outdoor time adds so much to his quality of life. Mental health is just as important as physical health! Continue reading

National Nut Day at Mondays


A bunch of foodies and bloggers got up super early this morning and enjoyed some delicious treats.

In honour of National Nut Day, I was invited to eat nuts (literally) and chew the fat (not literally) with other food enthusiasts at Mondays Whole Foods in Kingsland. Mondays is the efforts of two local bloggers Eleanor Ozich from blog Petite Kitchen and Hannah Horton from blog Health Yeah. Mondays is a lovely light-filled space and an inspiration to bloggers everywhere (who dream of one day transforming their blog into a full time business).

national-nut-day01   national-nut-day04  national-nut-day06  national-nut-day08 national-nut-day09

We even got a surprise visit from a 75 foot tall squirrel (slight exaggeration).

I was way too excited to have my photo taken with him. It was like Disneyland 2009 all over again.


Yummiest dish: Apple and rhubarb crumble, slivered almonds, cocoa nutty topping.




I left Mondays well caffeinated, inspired and full of nuts.

National Nut Day is a day of celebrating the humble, nutritious nut. What ever your favourite nut is, why not indulge a little today?


Tofu Tuesday: 10 tips for looking after a blind rabbit


Uh oh, another surgery

So…last week, Tofu’s corneal ulcer went from completely healed to a brand new corneal ulcer followed by a very bad infection. A corneal ulcer is just a fancy word for a scratch on the surface of the eye. With a blind eye that is constantly open, it is prone to things poking in there and scratching the surface which can quickly lead to infection. By quickly, I mean quickly! On Thursday it was decided by the vet he must have his eye removed (enucleation).

Continue reading

Monday Bunday: Bunny Wine


I’m loving this design for 2009 R. Müller Riesling by Octavin. Also known as “bunny wine” and produced from grapes grown in the Landwein Rhine region of Germany and is a sweet reisling.

Octavin have a 3L range of octagonal boxed wines for their Home Wine Bar range which can be opened and drunk over a period of 4 weeks without degradation of quality. Aimed at the hosting at home market, I think you’ll appreciate the thought that has gone into this design. One box equals 4 bottles and at $24US a box this bunny wine works out to around $0.75 a glass.

Boxed wine has quite a notorious reputation here in New Zealand as a cheap way to get drunk. The last time I bought boxed wine, a certain someone ended up drinking the wine straight from the tap…for breakfast…washed down with sunscreen. I’m pretty sure that is not a serving suggestion.