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Smokey hummus and roast veggie trumpets (and a giveaway)

This post was made possible thanks to the folks at Lisa’s and Farrah’s , who know a thing or two about quick and easy meals. Scroll to the bottom of this post to enter the giveaway.

I love hummus.

My absolute favourite way to consume chickpeas. Who’s with me?

I love hummus slathered, spread, dipped or dolloped.

I have absolutely eaten hummus with a spoon.

Lisa’s is a beloved name in dips and their latest creation is the new Lisa’s Smokey Hummus. Delicately pair Lisa’s Smokey Hummus with the savoury and sweet flavours of roasted vegetables, honey and miso.

I’m so pleased with how these turned out. I tested this recipe out on two hungry men who devoured them with glee. Super easy to assemble, hearty and full of flavour, this recipe is sure to be put on rotation at your house.

I’ve used Farrah’s wraps which are generously portioned. My recipe uses one wrap, cut in half and cone folded to form two cute trumpets.

You will need a microwave for this recipe meaning you could make this in the office kitchen if needed. Also fine served at room temp if you want to ditch the microwave portion. I’ve written this recipe to feed one, just double or triple if you have more mouths to feed. Easy!


Smokey hummus and roast veggie trumpets

Makes 2 trumpets


  • 1-2 tablespoons Lisa’s Smokey Hummus
  • 200 grams roast vegetables
  • 1 teaspoon miso paste
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoons olive oil
  • 1 Farrah’s wrap
  • 50 grams soft goats cheese, crumbled
  • 2 slices red onion, separated
  • A handful of fresh parsley, roughly chopped


  1. Cut wrap in half and spread a generous stripe of Lisa’s Smokey Hummus onto the centre of each half.
  2. Place miso, honey and olive oil in a cup or small bowl and stir with a spoon until smooth. Place roast vegetables in a microwave-safe bowl. Spoon the sauce evenly over roast vegetables and then microwave for one minute (or two).
  3. Spoon roast vegetables into the wrap, top with soft goats’ cheese, red onion slices and sprinkle with parsley. Fold into a trumpet shape and secure with a toothpick or tuck the overlapping fold underneath.

Win with Lisa’s

Thanks to Lisa’s, I have two product vouchers and one pack of Farrah’s wraps to give away to one lucky winner. To enter, simply comment below your favourite way to enjoy Lisa’s hummus.

Giveaway terms and conditions

  • Open to New Zealand residents only
  • One entry per person
  • Entries close 19 July 2018 and a winner will be announced 20 July 2018, contacted by email and announced here and on social media
  • In the event that the winner is not contactable within 3 days, Bunny Eats Design reserves the right to redraw a winner

Also, don’t forget to check out Lisa’s page on Facebook.



  1. Juanita Hall says

    Oh boy Smokey Hummus with your delicious veggie trumpets has to be one to make and devour. I love Lisa’s Kumara, Coconut & Turmeric Hummus with oven baked Farrah’s wraps as chips…mmm..mmm. Also enjoy Lisa’s original hummus with a plate of raw veges, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, peppers anything, even lick the container clean too, every bit of goodness counts :)!

  2. Kate Rassie says

    So many good ways: but I’d have to vote for hummus as part of my Moroccan Lamb meatball wraps. I make epic meatballs (cumin, fresh mint, ground coriander, breadcrumbs soaked in milk, sautéed onions, garlic, ground lamb) and use Farrahs wraps: smother in a thick hummus layer first, then pile on meatballs, minted yoghurt, slices of chargrilled capsicum, feta crushed with chopped black olives and lemon juice, and salad leaves. Wrap tightly and scoff. They’re sublime.

  3. Hummus is so versatile there’s a flavour to go in and on anything. I love it on extra toasted vogels sandwich extra thin sandwich bread or sandwich this with original hummus mixed with avocado, lemon juice, salt, cracked pepper and topped with sliced cherry tomato’s, sauteed mushroom and caramelized onion and wilted spinach or as a dip with baked homemade wrap baked chips

  4. Jacqui Hansen says

    I like Hummus with carrots or crackers. Plain, but yummy!

  5. Judy Oatham says

    Love hummus 😋 enjoy it on toast, crackers, as a dip for raw vegetable platter, with tomato and as a spread 😋😋😋

    Love the mantra too!! “Eat well, travel often”

  6. Rachel Cuthbertson says

    This time of year a hot baked potato filled with coleslaw, smoked salmon and lashings of hummus takes some beating =)

  7. Foreverinaday says

    I love Hummus in wraps loaded with sliced meat, spinach, feta cheese, falafel, red onion and olives! So good! I also loved it on corn thins as a snack at work. That Smokey Hummus is so good with pepperoni on crackers with a sharp cheddar! Yaaarrrmmmm!

  8. Dianne Bailey says

    Love hummus as a thick spread on a gluten free wrap loaded with salad greens, tomatoes, egg and smoked salmon Mmmm Yummm

  9. Jenny Mitcherson says

    First time I ever had hummus was when I was in Israel 15 years ago. I have been a fan ever since. I don’t have to have it on anything to enjoy it. Will eat it straight from the tub. Always have some with my breakfast every morning. LOVE HUMMUS!!!!!!

  10. Kath Williams says

    Hummus is beautiful on crackers and with celery and carrot sticks and in wraps with freshly picked herbs and summer veges from the garden. 😆😆😆

  11. Ruth Trethewey says

    I enjoy hummus on crackers but this recipe may make me change a habit of a lifetime!

  12. Tabitha newton says

    We love falafel bowls with roast cumin pumpkin, hummus, tabouli and home made falafels. We add whatever greens are in the fridge, sometimes radish for a peppery bite, and crumbled feta. So delish.

  13. Nicky Fincham says

    Love hummus kids love it with a platter of vegies and pita pockets, in wraps, koftas, souvalakis so delicious!

  14. Helen Calcinai says

    i love hummus with a platter of roasted vegetables and salad vegetables.
    I love hummus on baked potatoes. My favourite way is as a dip with carrots, celery and cucumber sticks,

  15. Coco says

    Don’t even bother with a cracker. Slather it straight on to a slice of cheese 😋

  16. Kyla Billings says

    I love hummus in ALL the ways but most commonly on a platter with crackers, room temp brie and dried apricots. Lisa’s feta, spinach and black pepper is my absolute fave – just give me a spoon!

  17. Liz macdonald says

    I love dipping carrot & celery sticks in hummus for a quick,easy,healthy snack. Also love it with falafel & salad…yum!!

  18. vettechic says

    Actually with spinach, bacon and poached eggs on sourdough.
    But enough hummus all sorts of ways

  19. Jessica Mondia says

    I enjoy Lisa’s Hummus with veggie sticks… Just sooo divine! Plus son loves it so I just keep it simple 🙂

  20. Eileen von Dadelszen says

    I love Lisa’s Hummus on crackers accompanied with a glass of Pinot Gris. Delicious and a great way to relax!

  21. Rebecca says

    I need to try this recipe. Lisa’s hummus w smashed avocado on toast is my fave.

  22. Rose says

    We love it as a dip with fresh raw vegetables (crudites) YUMMM !!!

  23. Mary says

    I like hummus with extra lemon juice drizzled over vegetables, olives, dolmas. Anything really as it’s so tasty.

  24. Barbara Haddock says

    I love it with grilled chicken and on hot buttered toast

  25. Clare Scott says

    on wraps, crackers, as a dip, on pizza – but mostly in my tummy! 🙂

  26. Tam peters says

    Smoothered across the plate With Lot Eight oil & Brussel Sprouts, along with Meat and other vege! Amazing!

  27. Angie says

    I love Hummus spread on bread, crackers, crusty bread and chips
    Added to my platters for entertaining for dipping
    I use in my wraps as a spread
    Lisa’s Hummus is the Wow factor in my burgers
    There is always a flavour I can trust to enhance any meal
    With Lisa’s Hummus in the house there is a flavoursome meal in the house

  28. Carren Stuart says

    I usually eat hummus on crackers but these little trumpet wraps are an awesome idea!

  29. Vanessa Brom says

    Love hummus in our kebab wraps the best. Toasties and with crackers are always delish too

  30. Bronwyn Rae says

    We love hummus spread thickly on Wraps and topped with salad and either smoked chicken or ham. Simple and delicious!

  31. Claire says

    Creamy spinach and hummus stuffed sweet potatoes
    This is one of my go to stuffed potatoes , and I love it because it not only can work as a healthy meal , but it can be a side dish as well , plus it’s so good for you , I feel like I’m eating a plate full of vitamins

  32. Rae Lentz says

    Love, love, love this hummus with mini falafel, baby spinach leaves, finely sliced red pepper and red onion, diced tomatoes, feta and tzaziki on rice ❤

  33. kerry pell says

    i love the hummus as part of a platter.I like to spread the hummus on a craker then add other toppings like cheese slices.tiny tomatoes, salami,cucumber,pickles yum.

  34. Tracey ingle says

    With my favourite crackers snd nothing else so all i can taste is hummsy greatness 😍

  35. I’m so obsessed with Lisa’s Hummus – it’s the best! I love adding it to pretty much every meal & even have it on toast! Ultra Thin Vogel’s (crunchy) toasted with hummus, juicy red tomato, lemony haloumi with a sprinkling of dukkah & freshly ground pepper is my dream meal!

  36. Teresa Collins says

    I love hummus many different ways, as a dip with veggie sticks or crackers, spread on wraps and burgers hmmm mmm 😋

  37. Matthew Gielen says

    I live to use Lisa’s hummus to make my own kebabs. I use lisa’s Hummus with Lisa’s falafel and I make coconut yogurt tzatziki. With favourite salad options all wrapped up and pressed in the sand which press!!!now I’m hungry!

  38. cindy king says

    i love your hummus as we are coeliac (a gluten free must!)and your dips are the bomb when it comes to nacho’s, wraps, or just with crackers … yummo!

  39. Marie Greenwell says

    I use Lisa’s Hummus dolloped on salads or over roast veg – delicious!

  40. Li Kee says

    Hummus with celery and carrot sticks! Great way to increase vegetables intake 🙂

  41. Natalie Bennett says

    I cook up some homemade kumara wedges in my air fryer and have them with hummus! Best flavour combo ever!

  42. Ange Dacombe says

    Hummus is so versatile! We love it spread thickly on crackers but also with celery and carrot sticks!

  43. Jodi Benjamin says

    Love Hummus and cheese on toast for a weekend breakfast

  44. Amanda bull says

    I love Lisa’s hummus in my wraps too!
    Also ready easy to take to work for snacking at my desk with crackers

  45. Dean Raimona says

    My favourite way to enjoy hummus is with vege sticks and crackers! Delicious!

  46. Kendall Charles says

    By dipping my finger in and licking it off 😜 is that gross? ? 😂. I do also love lisas dips with carrot sticks or in a wrap with chicken, mesculun and feta cheese 😍

  47. Teresa E says

    I love hummus on toast. I spread a delicious thick layer.
    Way more than the serving size indicated on the tub label.

  48. Kathy Shanaghan says

    I love Lisa’s hummus with crackers and raw vegetables. I am definitely going to try this recipe with the Smokey hummus

  49. Mary-Jane says

    I love hummus with crackers, carrot, celery & corguette sticks

  50. I love Lisa hummus on olive bread and crunch chips and carrot sticks well pretty much anything really it’s all good also on jacket pototoes

  51. Kristie Asplin says

    Yuuuummmm! Current fav is a hubby creation which is dry slow cooked lamb shanks with a touch of liquid smoke – served with rice, hummus, watercress, and a dollop of yoghurt. Salivating thinking about it! I reeeaaaallllyyyy missed hummus when I was pregnant, been smashing the big size Lisa’s hummus since bubba was born. 😊

  52. Kirsty says

    With homemade pita bread and sour cream and garlic mixed together, coleslaw with toasted sunflower seeds.

  53. margaret hutson says

    Omg I love hummus so much, my fave way is toasted bread , hummus, Spanish and poached egg on top ….oh so good

  54. Evelyn Tham says

    I like to use it as a coating on hummus baked chicken -extra scrumptious, especially with Lisa’s Moroccan Carrot with cumin & coriander. Your recipe gave me an idea actually- I could do a version of your trumpet recipe using leftover hummus baked chicken. Thanks!

  55. Chris says

    Good with toast, sandwiches, wraps, etc but i like to enjoy the unadulterated hummus (especially the garlic one) with fresh crudites. It’s amazing how much hummus you can fit on a carrot stick, with a bit of practice!

    • I have a few theories on this myself, Chris. I like to cut carrots into coin-shaped slices instead of sticks. Even better for loading up with hummus.

  56. Jessie H says

    I have been known to enjoy hummus by the spoonful haha! I also like it with beans inside quesadillas, adds a nice creaminess.

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