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Liver for breakfast

A group of scientists that have been doing a study on rats… In testing, two groups of rats: one group eating a meal of steak, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and vitamins each day; the other eating nothing but raw cow liver. The rats were tested each day for how long they were able to swim in a 55 gallon drum of water. As the days and weeks passed the scientists found the rats eating just the raw liver were steadily swimming far longer than the other group. The group eating the meat, potatoes, and vegetables with vitamin supplement were consistently swimming for 15 minutes and then starting to sink like lead. The 15 minutes never made it past that point. However the raw liver eating rats reached the point where they were swimming far longer than anyone wanted to bother testing which brought the test to an end.

Every since I read that story, I’ve always wanted to include more liver in my diet. I want to be a super rat or at least swim until someone decides I get to live.

I didn’t mind this dish from a local cafe. It was swimming in cream though so maybe they should have called it bacon and liver soup.

I’m not comfortable enough with offal to cook it yet. So getting it for brunch at cafes when it’s on the menu is the next best thing.

Do you eat liver? Do cook liver?

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