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Freestyler – Gregg’s & Taste Magazine demo

In July, I attended a Freestyle Cooking demonstration at Auckland Fish Market’s Seafood School. The event was hosted by Gregg’s and Taste Magazine and was free for Taste Magazine subscribers.

Chef Alison Robert demonstrated three yummy dishes:

  • A Chinese canapé of of prawn & sesame toast with five spice dipping sauce
  • A Mexican starter or lunch of black bean soup with crispy tortillas
  • A Jamaican inspired main of chicken thighs filled with Jamaican stuffing

We were served generous tasters of all three dishes with wine from Grove Mill. Alison was a pleasure to watch and listen to. Equal parts comedy and education, a fun night was had by all. We took goodie bags including a freestyle apron, some organic black beans, wholemeal tortillas, and of course, a few of Gregg’s spice blends: spicy toasted sesame seasoning, Mexican seasoning and Jamaican seasonings. There were also with plenty more edible prizes for quick thinking audience who answered freestyle questions.

Sorry, no prawn toast photo as I ate my pieces before I remembered to photograph it. You’ll just have to use your imagination!

How cool is this overhead mirror? It allowed us to see exactly what Alison is doing.

Starter dish. Beans and bacon. A match made in heaven!

Chicken main. The stuffing had dried apricots which was lovely with the aromatic Jamaican seasoning.

Of course, you can’t leave the Auckland Fish Markets empty handed, so I picked up tuna steak and a dozen fresh oysters for dinner. When I got home from the demonstration, I whipped up a speedy two course meal for The Koala and I.

Starter: Oysters with lemon (no photo, ate it before it could be photographed)
Main: Tuna steak with plenty of my newly acquired Mexican seasoning, topped with diced tomato and onion (poor man’s salsa), cabbage, suede and potato mash.

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