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I love you egg egg

I love you egg egg video. <–Start this video in another window before you read on. It’s today’s theme music.

When my parents were children, a single hard boiled egg was a special birthday treat. Perhaps their siblings and parents would gather around in the morning of their birthday while the child received their once-a-year birthday egg. Would they eat it quickly? Or would they eat it slowly to make it last and show off in front of their siblings?

Eggs symbolise fertility and Chinese parents gift hard-boiled, red dyed eggs to friends and family after the birth of a child. It’s like a lucky symbol and is part of the baby announcement.

It’s my birthday this week and this morning I had a single hard boiled egg for breakfast.

While I ate the egg, I imagined how special it would have been for birthday children throughout Chinese history.

Can you imagine getting a single hard boiled egg for your birthday treat? Can you imagine how well it would go down with today’s birthday children? We’re so spoilt these days aren’t we?

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