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Scenes from Taste of Auckland

Some scenes from Taste of Auckland festival last night.

I went to Taste of Auckland with my friends C and A and we bumped into my sister Joey, her boyfriend D and their friend there. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s post to see the food porn. Ha!

The session times this year are 4 hours each. There is a lot of stuff to try and cram in that time even if you don’t do any of the classes or shows. We didn’t see everything, but more than 4 hours would have been too tiring.

The Victoria Park location this year is a great bonus. Victoria Park is such a central location and while it’s no necessarily closer to my house than last year’s location, it’s a lot easier to get to and from.

For those are interested, I spent about $54 on 4 dishes, 1 beer, 1 plum sake sake and 1 caipirinha cocktail and my earlybird ticket was $15.

Welcome to Auckland’s Big Little City. Me and C being welcoming. Are you convinced?

Is this good value or binge drinking in disguise?

Plum sake slushie and Sapporo beer. $4 beers meant we returned to this stand.

It was a fine misting rather than rain. Umbrellas were optional.

The Fisher & Paykel Chef’s Kitchen.

Shane Yardley from Bistro Lago, Hilton Lake Taupo making a vanilla tea cocktail.

Still life with Nosh.

I managed to fit in a bit of art.

The bigger picture (unfinished).

Chef from Euro.

Peter Urlich delivered sweet sounds at Monteith’s Bandstand.

No, not free samples…

Drink of the day…

Teatowel from Fisher & Paykel.

The munch bunch.

Smells like jerky!

Peter Gordon wasn’t around, but his book was happy to pose for a photograph.


Kitchen over at Dine by Peter Gordon. Very calm. A well-oiled machine.

Organised and efficient. No Hells Kitchen shenanigans here.

Masterclass. For those that don’t drink to get drunk.

Taste Crowns.

Where caipirinha are made.

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