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Birthday Dinner on the Tramway Restaurant

Surprise birthday gift from parents-in-law: A 4-course dinner for on the Tramway Restaurant.

Yes, I know! Spoilt!

Tablecloths, linen napkin, lots of cutlery, air conditioning, smooth music in a colonial style dining tram – this was the works! The menu is short and sweet. Perfect for a chef on a tram. The tram seats about 35 diners and there is a tiny kitchen in the centre of the tram. There are no doors so both dining areas can see into the kitchen space. 35 diners with 4 courses in a tiny kitchen over 3 hours. The chef is a genius!

We shared bread and dips, I had a lamb entree, salmon main, brownie with compote for dessert. I wasn’t expecting salmon to appear on their limited menu. This was local salmon and beautifully cooked. I even ate all my asparagus.

The others had a vegetable tart, porterhouse steak, cajan chicken breast, coconut creme brulee and a cheeseboard. Everything was delicious.

We shared 2 bottles of Church Road Merlot and were tipsy and pleasantly full by the time the tram had done 7 loops around Christchurch city centre.

The perfect way to finish a birthday day in Christchurch city.

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