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Given the chop

A few weeks ago, a massive pine branch fell in our backyard and obliterated our washing line. It had been really windy and the branch fell overnight.

That branch was chopped up and removed.

Then a week later, a second, larger branch fell. It was a perfectly still, summer afternoon and witnessed by us and our neighbours. It made a hell of a noise and the creaking branch just before the fall warned our neighbours who came over to warn us. It was kinda cool and weird to see it fall without a breeze in the air.

The broken stump at the top right was the first break. The new break is on the left.

The poor washing line was hit a second time, so lucky it hadn’t been replaced after the first branch.

Tofu found the fallen branch fascinating. Can you find him in this photo?

The tree gave privacy from the housing block on the other side of the fence.

But they couldn’t risk another branch or the entire tree falling so the decision was made to remove it. Sadly, the tree (and our privacy) was chopped to bits.

The boys made the most of the situation. With a bit of rearranging in the backyard, we now have a rustic outdoor furniture set for 8. I think it’s one half rustic Scandinavian design and one half Sylvanian families. Just imagine a Sylvaninian families dress up party around this set! With 29 rings were counted, this tree was just a little older than me.

Not too different from David Stine’s designer piece Sycamore Round don’t ya think?

Here’s Tofu keeping vigil by the leftover wood pile.

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