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Food tourism


As much as Pigs love food they would truly enjoy a culinary experience on vacation. When traveling they tend to dine at the finest restaurants, eat the richest chocolate and drink the most expensive champagne. In addition, their natures to be relaxed and laid back would lead them to an easygoing vacation somewhere on an island or in a resort where they can hang out and be completely taken care of. From the US bridal Guide.

Culinary vacation? Me? Really? Naw…

I often remark that I would love to eat my way around the world so now I can blame it on my Chinese horoscope.

Food tourism is becoming more of a common occurance these days and I think all the food travel shows help boost the industry and make more people yearn to eat exotic things in faraway places.

I don’t think of Auckland as being a particularly culinary city, so I was surprised to learn there are a few gourmet food tour companies operating in Auckland.

I have no experience with or affiliation with Black Rabbit Tours, but naturally, I’m drawn to any company with rabbit in their name!

They are based in Auckland and have some unique tours.

They are:
Market Tour 4 hours
Gourmet Taste Tour 4 hours
Gourmet Extravaganza Tour Full Day
Ferry Tour 6 hours
Taste & Sculpt Tour Full Day

The Taste & Sculpt is most interesting sounding tour and the one I’m trying to think up an excuse to go to. “A full day sculpture workshop at a beautiful local vineyard nestled in the Hunua Ranges”.

The Hanua Ranges:

You learn the basics of soft stone sculpture, eat a hamper lunch of local gourmet foods with a wine tasting. You even get to take your (hopefully) completed sculpture home. Limited to 5 people so could be a fun thing to do with 4 of your friends. At $150 pp, I thought that was a reasonable rate for such a unique day.

I’ve lived in Auckland for about 18 years. Would it be weird to be a tourist in Auckland? I don’t think so. I think it’s a shame we don’t look at our own city through tourist eyes more. I’ve never been to Auckland tourist attractions like the Sky Tower or Rangitoto Island. Maybe it’s about time I started vacationing in my city.

Black Rabbit Tours website can be found here.

Photo of Hanua Ranges from Wikimedia Commons.

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