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Monday Bunday: Valentines Day Special! KidRobot Inspired Wedding cake toppers

When The Koala and I got married a couple of years ago, I was pretty sure we would have bunny cake toppers for our wedding. I looked online a bit but found everything outrageously expensive. Some wedding toppers cost more than my wedding dress!

We collect Kidrobot vinyl toys, so in the end, The Koala spraypainted 2 dunny (design + bunny) toys we already owned, I made a tiny veil and we borrowed a tiny top hat from newlyweds Jessica and Todd. They had a dunny toy that came with a top hat. Sadly, in the madness of our wedding cleanup, the top hat was lost forever.

Here are some other wedding toppers from around the world that have been inspired by Kidrobot’s toys:

Monster dunny wedding toppers by Lunabee.

Azteca and Tattoo Series Dunny.

Jed and Stacey’s dunny wedding toppers.

A couple of labbits at a Coquette Events wedding.

Customised Munny wedding cake toppers by Br0wn.

Custom painted BUB and ROOZ by Spanish artist WuzOne for Chaffro and Nat_Kitkat’s wedding cake.

The next two are commisioned toppers by How Brown Met Blue.

Custom Munny for little cabbage’s wedding.

And the full cake effect:


  1. Annabelle says

    how would i get in contact with the person that made the customized munny cake toppers (br0wn)? thanks!

  2. Annabel says

    I’ve seen those glasses in quite a few places now, can you tell me where they’re from please or how you make them? Thanks x

    • Bunny Eats Design says

      Hi Annabel, I don’t have a clue, but you could try contacting “How Brown Met Blue”.

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