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Batu Caves, Monkeys and street art in Kuala Lumpur

We were only in Kuala Lumpur for a day and we only had 1 destination on our itinerary. Everything else was just spontaneous, unplanned, getting lost in a new city.

Batu Caves was worth a visit and the KL train system is really good. The return trip from KL Sentral to Batu Caves was 3RM or about $1.30NZ. There is no entrance fee to the caves and the food out there is cheap too so it makes or a cheap way to spend a morning. Perhaps on of the cheapest activities you can do in KL. We arrived a few days shy of the big Hindu festival called Thaipusam so there was a bit of preparatory work going on.

The Long-tailed Macaques weren’t aggressive when we were there, but they are quick and love people food.

A monkey made off with someone’s drink.

We had a curry while were out there. Vegetarian and quite spicy but look how it’s presented on a pretty leaf. I’d seen a food programme where they folded the leaf over when they are finished with their so we did that when we were done. I couldn’t even remember if the programme was in Malaysia, but no one said anything when we left.

Near the train station we saw a whole lot of art.

They seemed to use street art to advertise TV programmes. I thought it was cool but maybe if art was used for commercial purposes everywhere it wouldn’t be so cool.

Lots of giant bunnies to mark the Year of the Rabbit.

A random burger we had. It’s interesting, lots of places that sell food, don’t sell drinks. You have to go elsewhere if you want a drink.

As soon as I took a bite I knew that I had The Koala’s burger and he had mine. He hadn’t noticed, but he kindly offered to swap even though he’d eaten most of his burger already.

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