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Art Cafe, Chiang Mai

Art Cafe is right by the Thapae Gate between McDonald’s and Starbucks. We ate there every second day so they must have been doing something right. The menu is huge and they are yet another restaurant that serves Italian, Mexican and Thai food. Good food at good prices. We may have been subliminally enticed by the name of the cafe, but there is no interesting art in here and while the interior is a bit dated, but it’s clean and light.

Breakfast at Art Cafe

With one of the most extensive breakfast menus around, I loved that they had lots of mexican inspired breakfast dishes. We don’t eat Mexican for breakfast in New Zealand but I love beans and rice first thing in the morning. The quesadilla were really good.

3 Buttermilk pancakes.

Omelette with country fried potatoes and a croissant.

Thai food

They do offer Thai food, but it’s only ok. There are better and cheaper places around for Thai. After all, this is Thailand! If you want Thai, eat where locals eat.

A super mild chicken curry for The Koala.

Fried rice. Like a variation on Pad Thai.

I ordered this chicken sate thinking it was going to be a good small snack. Don’t let the prices of Thai dishes trick you into thinking they are small. Thai dishes are just cheaper than western dishes. I got 5 large sticks of chicken with yummy dipping sauces.

This Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad might be a an fugly Frankenstein of cuisines, but it came with a bowl of anchovy mayo on the side. I adore anchovy mayo and being able to administer it onto the salad (generously) really hit the spot.

Art Cafe cream sauce spagehetti with chicken, olives, tomato and paprika. This was creamy deliciousness.

We don’t know what this was supposed to be, but The Koala was looking forward to a creamy carbonara. This was a poor, dry substitute. We should have said something when we realised they had given us something completely wrong but he just picked at it a little and left feeling hungry.

This pile of food tasted better than it looked. Ravioli peeping out of a mincey blanket.

Lasagne for one. Post-dental surgery food. Please wait until sufficiently cool.

Art Cafe Chiang Mai
285 – 291 Thapae Road
Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50100
Tel./Fax (+66) 53-206365
Mobile 081-9802301

Open 8am to 11pm

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