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Buddha lives in Chalok Bay, Koh Tao

KOH TAO, THAILAND. Koh Tao is a couple hours ferry ride and a world away from Koh Samui.

Peaceful sheltered bays, great diving and snorkeling. We relaxed for a 4 days before Koh Phangan.

I can see why Buddha lives in Chalok Bay. It’s sheltered and calm and very peaceful.

We saw the rock Buddha admiring the view. He sits facing out to sea. A round head, a gently sloping chest and a big round belly. Do you see?

There were a few restaurants on the beach. This one was our favourite but I can’t remember it’s name or if it even had one. It was across the road from Koppee Bakery. It was never very busy, but it we just perfect. We had triangle cushions, deck, shade, great food and plenty of drinks on this deck.

The sunset from near the rock Buddha.

Back to the sunset, looking back across Koh Tao.

Koh Tao Tips

  1. Hire a scooter. It’s cheap and totally worth it. The island is small, but there are lots of steep hills and no shade. Walking is not a fun way to get to the beaches all over the Koh Tao. Quad bikes are great for some of those really dodgy hills. We paid 180 baht /$7NZ / $6US per day for our scooter.
  2. Be careful on the really steep roads. Some roads are for parking the scooter and walking.
  3. You can book anything you want from your accommodation. Tours, ferry tickets to other islands etc.
  4. Don’t swim at low tide at Chalok Bay. I was wondering why no one else was swimming. After out to sea walking for about 5 minutes, water at ankle height, I realised why.
  5. Internet is expensive. Get Wi-Fi where you can.

Koh Tao Highlights

  1. Snorkeling (although many will insist that diving is where it is at)
  2. The peaceful beaches.
  3. 99 baht cocktails at Sea Bar. A tiny deck bar with boardgames and good cocktails.
  4. Snorkeling trip.
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