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Breakfast buffets in S-E-A

We had a few buffet breakfasts while traveling in South East Asia. These photos are the only evidence. The rest I’m afraid, has been destroyed devoured.

Cafe Deco Macao

The Venetian, Macau

Cafe Deco offers 24/7 dining and seats 1000 diners.

Breakfast at any of The Venetian restaurants was included with our suite so we picked the buffet option at Cafe Deco Macao. My breakfast was a croissant, a strawberry danish, smoked salmon, sausage, salami, ham, samosa, curried rice, chickpeas, corn, tomatoes, mushrooms, hashbrown, scrambled eggs, bacon, fried egg. I sampled about 10% of the breakfast dishes on offer. There were breakfast foods from many different cuisines including Chinese, Japanese and Indian. The buffet station stretched around the edge of this 32,000 ft² dining area and it’s possible to get lost on your way back to your table. I know this because I got lost!

We begin with the most epic breakfast buffet I have ever laid eyes on. Everything about this hotel was decadent and over the top. 40 levels, 3000 suites, an indoor canal, a resident Cirque Du Soleil show, no wonder guests are given a map to navigate the building.

We were on our way to the swimming pool, a group of us dressed in hotel robes with our togs underneath, we are inside and following signs to the outdoor pool. A sign tells us that we’re walking in the right direction and we have about 1km to go. A 1km walk to the hotel pool. No, it’s not at another hotel, the hotel is that big.

From Wiki:

“Venetian Macao is modeled on its sister casino resort – The Venetian in Las Vegas – and is the largest single structure hotel building in Asia, The fifth-largest building in the world by area and the largest casino in the world.

Rainforest Lodge

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia (Borneo)

We thought we struck it lucky when we were told that breakfast was included at Rainforest Lodge. At first we thought it was a buffet breakfast, but days after, we are told that it’s just 1 plate per person. About a week later, this gets downgraded into toast and coffee only. Not sure if they made these changes while we were there and they just changed their mind on us – maybe we ate far too much – or if it was supposed to be toast and coffee all along.

Not a high end breakfast, but we were happy. I always picked rice over toast and there were also sausages, chicken nuggets, baked beans and boiled eggs (not pictured).

This is what a plate looks like when I think that we can return for more.

And this is what a plate looks like when we’re told 1 plate only.

No shame.

Green Hotel

Vinh, Vietnam

Fairly typical hotel breakfast. I managed to avoid bread, but it was there if you wanted it. Everything was overcooked and it was a bit much for a 6am breakfast in the middle of winter. But we had a long day of windy roads ahead of us so we had to eat up.

Xai Sombooh Hotel

Vientiane, Laos

The pork and tomato macaroni was good and reminded me of a dry version of the macaroni soup that’s so popular as breakfast food in Hong Kong.

Phangan Bayshore

Haad Rin, Koh Phangan, Thailand

One of the few places open early for breakfast was the restaurant at Phangan Bayshore resort on the beach. I wanted a Thai style breakfast while The Koala wanted a Western style big breakfast. So they upsold us to their buffet breakfast. 250 baht / $10NZ / $8.20US for breakfast is extortionate. Really is. But they had a great range of Western and Thai dishes which surely hadn’t had a chance to sit there all day since it was first thing in the morning. Meat on a stick for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do. Too bad we could only stomach a single plate each. 250 baht for breakfast buffet seems ridiculous when compared to the 109 baht dinner buffet.


  1. Really you can eat all that for breakfast?? I can only have a coffee and maybe a croissant or a toast… if I am in a hotel I also get fruit (easy, it has already been cut for me!), but I could not digest anymore in the morning!

    • Bunny Eats Design says

      Your suspicions are right Alessandra. When I don’t have to go to work I can eat a lot for breakfast, these kinds of breakfasts are for holidays and weekends only. Usually it is brunch so later in the morning and lunch is skipped over. I have to make a huge effort if I’m going to eat breakfast on a work day and there’s no way I could eat that much before 8am.

      PS. Thanks for the blog list addition. I love your blog Alessandra!

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