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Anticipating Food Show

It’s Food Show time here in Auckland! Wahoooo!

Last year we went for Miss C’s birthday and this year will be no different. Super food bargains and plenty of samples here we come!

Many exhibitors invited me into their stalls to get better photos of their products. My SLR must say “legitimate photographer”. Hey, I guess I could say I’m from the press.Wordpress that is…

Here are some of my photographs from last year’s show.

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There are lots of interesesting cheeses at the food show and lots of bargains to be had. We had just been to a cheese factory before last year’s food show so we missed out on the Food Show cheese. I swore that I would go on a cheese famine before this year’s show. Mega fail. I currently have 3 kinds of cheese in my fridge at home. Is there room for more? Maybe just 1 or 2?

This year it is $22.50 and you can buy tickets and find out more info on their website here.

Last year’s Food Show Tips

  1. Avoid entry queues and buy your tickets online.
  2. Bring cash (notes and coins) as there is a long queue to use the only ATM. Coins because many smaller business ask for gold coin donation. Wine is often $1 a glass, you get a full glass rather than a mouthful.
  3. The day is thirsty work. Keep hydrated with BYO water.
  4. Leave your jacket in the car. It’s hot inside and just another thing to carry.
  5. Bring a comfortable, roomy bag.

Last year’s Food Show Highlights

  1. Free delicious food and plenty of drink.
  2. Bargains.
  3. Hearing about new products.
  4. Sampling products that you have been waiting to try.
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