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Happy Pork with Wild Meat Sauce

I took The Koala with me to Nosh the other day and his eyes widened at a bottle of Glass Eye Creek Wild Meat Sauce. I admit, I’m a sucker for a nice label and this hip flask sized bottle had a manly charm about it. Made in the West Coast of NZ, like all well made sauces, it has well spun story about how it came to be.

It looked like a BBQ sauce to me so I always like a bit of pork to go with a good BBQ sauce. Wild pork isn’t as common as it could be and the very next best thing is freerange.

There are a few companies now offering freerange pork in New Zealand, but Freedom Farms is the most well known. They’ve just put themselves out there a lot more than other names.

Freedom Farms pork steak marinaded in Wild Meat Sauce. Some mashed kumara (sweet potato), cauliflower with cheese sauce and green beans and you have a decent dinner. The meat was a firmer and more filling than the pork I am used to. This is the amount I would normally eat but I couldn’t finish it this time and The Koala so full from his dinner that he didn’t want to polish mine off. Fairly unusual.

One of you pointed out that freerange pork isn’t pumped full of water like other porks (less water, more meat!) which means less shrinkage during cooking. While freerange is more expensive, it is good value since it’s more filling.

I’ve never critcally eaten freerange bacon before but I’ve just bought a pack of Heller’s Free Farmed streaky and will report back on how it goes. I’m not even sure if free farmed means free range or if it’s a cheeky different term to trick unsuspecting buyers. Thoughts?

Happy Pork with Wild Meat Sauce


  1. I love this sauce. Seriously. I haven’t tried it with pork but used a whole bottle during summer BBQs (which seem a distant memory with it snowing hard outside my Wellington CBD window right now!) and it goes well with chicken, beef… pretty much anything.

    • Bunny Eats Design says

      You’re right, it does go with anything. We’ve even used it with prawn.

  2. Moon Over Martinborough says

    I know that I should be concerned about the way the pork I eat was raised. We’ve got pigs for pets, but now we’re looking at breeding them for meat. But I just don’t know if we can eat our pet’s babies!

    • Bunny Eats Design says

      I don’t think I could eat any creature that I had befriended. And certainly not my friend’s babies! But I do like the idea of buying free range or free farmed pigs.

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