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Oysters Hong Kong


Since we’re messing around with oysters this week, I figured I could mess around with Oysters Kilpatrick.

My asian-inspired version uses ingredients like lap cheong, spring onions and black vinegar which you can find in any Cantonese kitchen. I’ve named it Oysters Hong Kong.

From a previous post

“Chinese dried sausages or Lap Cheong are dry cured sausages normally made of pork and fat. These are smoked, sweetened, seasoned and taste like awesome. The sausages I buy from my local are vacuum packed and hail from Canada. You might like these if you like streaky bacon cooked in maple syrup.”


Oysters Hong Kong


12 fresh Pacific oysters (opened)
2 Chinese sausages (Lap Cheong)
3 tablespoons black vinegar
3 tablespoons spring onion, chopped


  1. Turn on grill to 200°C.
  2. Slice the Chinese sausages into thin rounds and fry until brown.
  3. Set the oysters on an oven tray lined with foil. Bunch up the foil so they oysters have a nice bed to lay upon.
  4. Top with the cooked sausage and black vinegar.
  5. Grill for 2-5 minutes.
  6. Sprinkle with spring onion and serve immediately. Lemon wedge optional.

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