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Auckland Seafood Festival – coming up next

I’ve been gorging myself on seafood lately. Prawns, salmon, white fish, sea cucumber, squid, more salmon, more prawns, more salmon…That’s just the last few days. I do love seafood and it generally seems to be the more politically correct “meat” to eat.

It’s a long weekend here in Auckland as we celebrate Auckland Anniversary weekend. The Auckland Seafood Festival is on all weekend so if you are a seafood lover, it’s worth checking out. This will be my first time at the event so stay tuned for my report back this weekend. My sister Joey and I will be going on Saturday armed with appetites, cameras and general silliness.

Tickets are $20 each and more more info can be found over at the event website:

Things I have my eye on at the Auckland Seafood Festival:

  1. Scampi – If you like prawn, you really should try it’s hulking cousin. The meat is sweet and firm.
  2. Wild Seafood – If you’re into eating non-farmed food and are feeling a little adventurous, there is a Wildfood Seafood passport challenge: Get stamped at a number of Wildfood Seafood stations and go into a prize draw.
  3. Something new – I’d love to taste a seafood that I haven’t tried before. I don’t really know what that might be yet since I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to seafood.

I’m sure all the regular favourites will be there. I’ve eaten so much salmon and prawn lately, that I might give those a miss this weekend. If you went, would you eat your favourites or try something different? What is your favourite seafood?


  1. I’m going to the Seafood Festival as well. We should meet up! I like scampi as well, but only sashimi style and preferably if someone else de-shell them first.

    • Bunny Eats Design says

      Hi Carmella, we didn’t see any sashimi style scampi, but the scampi we had were cut in half so easy to eat.

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