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Seeing Red

On our Valentine’s Day, we enjoyed a scarlet feast of both sweet and savoury with friends in our backyard until late. Red is one of my favourite colours and it was fun to eat and dress for the occasion. There are loads of red foods and drinks out there and everyone really got into the spirit.

Our read feast included: Red velvet cupcakes, jam tarts, pies, cheerios (cocktail sausages) with tomato sauce, home made salsa with nachos, spaghetti and meatballs, plenty of red wine, virgin and non-bloody mary drinks.

Instead of having two or three courses, we  put everything on the table and as we pleased. Much like a children’s birthday party, where you don’t distinguish  the appropriate order of eating chips, lollies, fairy bread, sausage rolls or cake. It was a fun way to eat…even if a little sickening.

I’m already thinking of the next excuse to have a themed pot-luck.

A Valentine's feast


  1. This is too sweet 🙂 I keep meaning to make red velvet cake from beetroots, maybe this week is the week. Was meant to be my valentines recipe but I made honey jumbles and marshmallows instead 🙂

    • Bunny Eats Design says

      We had burgers tonight with beetroot in them and just like every other time that I open a can of beetroot, I fell in love with the colour all over again. Red velvet cake from beetroot would be amazing. You could use a zucchini chocolate cake recipe perhaps?

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