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Glasses make my world hi-res

All through high school, me and my bestie were in complete denial that we needed glasses. Instead, we would squint at the whiteboard, at the TV and at oncoming buses hoping to make sense of our blurry world. When we finally both got glasses, we didn’t wear them all the time, even if it helped us to see. Nowdays, she wears contacts full-time and I wear glasses full-time.

Even though I wear glasses 90% of the time, if you flicked through my Facebook photos, you wouldn’t know I wear glasses. I wear contact lenses on special occasions and photos of me reflect this. I guess I’m not that comfortable in my glasses. I’m used to seeing the world through my glasses, but I’m not used to seeing myself in the mirror with them on. Maybe it’s time to get new glasses.

I’ve signed up to Pinterest recently and pinning a whole lot of hotties wearing glasses has given me more confidence and I think it’s about time I invested in some sexier specs. Am I right in thinking that glasses these days are much cooler than when I was at school? New glasses aren’t exactly cheap, but I think it’s a worthwhile investment.

The glasses I’m wearing now were chosen years ago. I bought metal frames because I wanted them to last forever. My last pair were plastic and were crushed when I accidentally kneeled on them, crushing them into two.Β When my prescription changed, it was minor so I skipped getting my glasses updated, but maybe it’s time to get new lenses and new frames too. Just because my frames last for all of eternity, doesn’t mean I can’t get new ones.Β I’m not a hipster, I actually need glasses to see.

Do you wear glasses? Do you like them? What kind do you have? Do you have more than one pair?


  1. I’ve always wished for slightly less than 20:20 because I’d love to wear specs.
    I’m not such a tragic that I would stoop to funky frames with no glass (looks stoopid), nor plain glass in frames.
    I just sit really close to the big screen in hope of a future with glasses πŸ˜‰

  2. I’ve worn glasses since I was 10, so they have been part of my life for a very long time. I have contacts, but they always seem to tire my eyes. I’ve just started appreciating colours in frames. I look forward to seeing a picture of you with your new glasses!

    • I’m not all that keen on contacts either. Especially not for work.

      I had coloured frames when I was younger. I guess I’m going through my grown up phase now (as if). I don’t think I’ve ever just had plain black ones. I’ve had blue, deep red, rose, currently black with tortoiseshell arms.

  3. Eva Taylor says

    I used to wear contacts but then my eyes became too dry and the cornea got scratched a few times so I don’t bother with them any more. I wear glasses almost all the time now. I say ‘almost’ because my eyes are changing again and I can no longer read or see my computer wearing my glasses (I’m near sighted). So now, if I don’t recognize you as I pass you down the hall, please check to see if I’m wearing glasses, ’cause if I’m not, you’re just a big blurry blob unless you’re 30cm away from my face!
    You should try this site, they are Canadian and quite reasonably priced and have great tutorials. they also have great tutorials on how to size the frame to your face! Or do like me and go out to an actual store, try on the frames and come back and buy them on line!

    • I always try on in store. The tiniest varience in shape can make a big difference on your face. I also find that because I have a little nose, glasses tend to fit very close to my face and my eyelashes get squished by the glass in the process. I wish I had a bigger bridge so that I could wear mascara without painting the insides of my glasses black.

  4. awal101 says

    I think guys who wear glasses are hot!! I love the thick, black frames (aka hipster glasses)

    • Ha. I read your name as Awol 101. Are you awol at the moment?

      I think boys look good in glasses too. Plastic hipster geeky glasses rather than metal frames.

  5. I’ve always worn glasses. When I was younger, like 8 or 9, I saw a photo of Elton John and I begged my parents for the biggest, brightest, most ridiculous, rhinestone studded pair ever! And you know what? They let me have them even though they were gigantic and way too big for a kid!

    I’ve never looked back πŸ™‚ I like big, statement frames but lately have been gravitating towards Elvis Costello-like vintagey ones.

    • Awww I bet you looked adorably ridiculous in your Elton John style glasses. I’ve always gone pretty conservative. Vintagey ones are cool. I wouldn’t mind some cats eye style glasses.

  6. Coco says

    The biggest problem I have with glasses is the sun. As a blue eyed lass in the world of kiwis the sun and glare can be pretty strong even in winter. Depending on how you cope with the sun you may need to consider the sunglasses alternative. But i do love my contacts. I could live in them! Though my optometrist keeps telling me off ^_^

    • Hi Coco bean! You and The Koala both are fairly sensitive to the sun. It surely must be your beautiful blue eyes. I on the other hand, wear sunglasses purely for cosmetic reasons. The glare doesn’t effect me so much. I guess I was born with a natural squint πŸ˜€

  7. Lamar says

    i wear glasses and the reason that your nose area feels irritated is because you are thinking about it too much! trust me I have 2 different pair and if I wear the other pair then for a while it feels weird but if you forget about it then the feeling will go away.

  8. I wear glasses only while driving at night — I have poor vision and an astigmatism, which makes oncoming cars look like laser lights making pretty patterns all over the road. Probably not such a good thing, given I’m driving and whatnot.

    I vividly recall being a child and wanting to become a child psychiatrist…just so that I could wear glasses and look all sexy. Now I’m a full-time freelance writer relegated to only wearing glasses at night while driving! Bizarre how childhood beliefs morph with age…


    • Mikalee, I can’t recall wanting to look sexy as a child. Pretty yes, sexy nope. Sexy was yucky to me and I definitely didn’t think glasses were sexy. You must have had some hot role models πŸ™‚

  9. Impybat says

    I’ve had corrective lenses since I was 16. I usually wear contacts, but I just got new glasses, even though my prescription didn’t change. I was sick of my old wire frames, so I splurged on a pair of narrower, tortoiseshell colored ones. They’re librarian-y and cute πŸ˜€

    • Cute librarian is a great look Impybat. I think I’m going to go for that myself. I’m over my metal framed ones. I guess fashion, even in eyewear goes round in cycles.

      • Impybat says

        I agree, Bunny! Nearly all of the frames at the optometrist’s office were of the plastic variety, and the girl who helped me look through the cases said that those types of frames had made a huge comeback.

        • Huge! I reverted to metals only because I broke my last couple of plastic frames. But I’m not sure anymore that frames are supposed to last a lifetime. If I change my hair style every year or so, I think I can change my glasses every few years too. Of course, that would be a choice, rather than due to breakage. I guess I’m just trying to talk myself into splurging for new specs…without a reason like a new prescription or broken glasses.

          • Impybat says

            Haha, you should go for it then! This coming from someone who has gone through so many hairstyle and color changes that my friends began calling me “The Chameleon”.

  10. I’ve had glasses since I was 7 years old. I’m 22 now. I had a phase in high school where I only wore contacts because people made me feel awkward and inadequate because of my specs. But, I love them now. I have back up contacts in the event that I need them. I recently invested in a pare of *gasp* …. wait for it …. Ray Bans…And I really like em. They happened to be some of the lesser expensive ones (glasses in general are expensive, but they’re an investment lol). There’s this hipster thing that’s attached to this style but it doesn’t bother me at all. I think I’ve got a face made for glasses anyway and they suit me quite well. Nice blog (:

    • Hi Vanessa! While I would never splurge on a pair of sunglasses, somehow I feel like your Ray Bans aren’t so bad. They help you see and if you can look good rather than awkward that’s a great thing. It’s a real bummer that you felt you couldn’t wear glasses in high school. Why are kids so cruel? I wonder if times have changed now. I think Harry Potter might have helped things along. Not that he’s the knight in shining armour, but popular enough with kids that they might think specs are cool.

      p.s. I like your blog too. I adore the balloons.

  11. I love this post!

    I wear glasses everyday (only because I haven’t purchased new contacts), but like you, looking at my facebook pictures you wouldn’t be able to tell. I feel I look waaay to conservative in my glasses and pulled back ‘librarian’ hair or high bun. My male coworkers even occasionally call me the ‘Sexy Librarian’.

    However, I do actually love my smoky Rayban frames, and want another pair of glasses with larger lens so that my eyes (and make-up) are more visible. Don’t tell anyone, but I want more of the artsy hipstery look (i cringed using that word-hipster)

    • Hi Irene! Yep, it sounds like while hipster is cool, no one would be caught dead labeling themselves a hipster. It’s almost an offensive term! I guess we just want to look good. If it happens to be in fashion, then oh well. I bet if you did the sexy librarian thing with a pair of killer heels, you would be sexy librarian all over. Nothing conservative about a pair of killer heels!

      • Oh girlfriend I live in heels! LOL Just checkout the shoes featured on my blog.

        I feel like when I take pictures with my glasses on I look conservative for some reason. Way too studious. I think it’s the style of my frames that’s throwing off my look =(

        • I’m wearing heels today and I did check out your blog πŸ™‚

          Perhaps you need to make sure all photos with you and your glasses also zoom out to include your heels πŸ™‚

          It’s amazing how the smallest variance in frames can change your look.

  12. I wear glasses, have to or the photos I shoot turn out blurry. Didn’t really like any of my frames though, ’till I invested in great pair of prescription shades. Now I can run and see at the same time. Amazing πŸ™‚ Congrats on being “Freshly Pressed”

    • With my track record of sunglasses, I think prescription shades are out of the question. I always feel like my glasses are a bit in the way though when I’m looking through the viewfinder. For this reason, I swear that wearing contacts make me a better photographer. I’m more likely to use manual focus and take my time when I’m wearing my contacts. Glasses on and I tend to reach for auto focus.

      p.s. your wildlife photography is stunning.

  13. I was wearing glasses before kindergarten, so they’re a part of my identity now. Trust me, it’s no shame to have them; they actually make you look smarter and more sophisticated, especially if you mix and match them with a business suit. Plus, plenty of normal guys out there who dislike the hot-but-dumb chicks find girls with glasses a pleasant alternative. Trust me, glasses are great to have.

  14. I wear glasses. I have since 6th grade, although I didn’t start wearing them regularly until senior year in high school. (I’m a sophomore in uni now). Like you, I wear contacts out for special occasions, but I have to disagree with the no passes thing. I’ve gotten plenty of numbers while out in my glasses, and these things are big honking hipster granny frames that refuse to be ignored. I say go for the hipster pair, they give you more confidence and it’s like you’re wearing them as a part of your outfit rather then them wearing you. I love my glasses, and I hope you love yours just as much! xoxo -E

  15. magicalmeade says

    I have plastic frames in multiple colors. I think they are a chic alternative to give your eyes a break. Being a young adult, I also like to look nice when I go out, and while I do wear my contacts a lot, glasses can be fun and classy if you find the right ones. πŸ™‚

    • Hi magicalmeade, may I ask how many frames you have? I always bought a normal pair and “a fun pair” when I bought glasses. I wonder if others do the same?

  16. Girls who wear glasses are too cool and smart and beautiful to care for a pass from a boy who doesn’t make passes at girls who wear glasses because we wouldn’t acknowledge such a pass anyway.

    Your blog is wonderful and I haven’t seen a pic of you yet, but I’m sure you are just lovely on the outside. See yourself through your own eyes and not through those of anyone else.

  17. lovetoblog123 says

    I love this post. I’ve been wearing glasses since grade 4. I think all this applies to me too. I’ve been through the denial stage. I would squint when I copy the board or just copy off my friend’s. I think I felt uncomfortable wearing glasses then because I was only one of the two students to have glasses in the class. But now, there are lots of people I know who wears glasses.

    • When faced with a child who reluctantly needs glasses, some research and help to decide on the most wonderful glasses that can be afforded could do wonders for the child. Perhaps that’s playing into the looks thing too much but low self esteem based on specs is something that can be easily avoided.

  18. Venom says

    Shortsighted here! =) I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 2 years old, full time (except to bed, of course, and I’ve had people ask me about that!). I’ve tried contacts and failed miserably. How do people insert them in their eyes anyways? I currently have 3 pairs of glasses, one is for normal use, a spare one for it, and sunglasses with prescription lenses. . . I am used to seeing myself with glasses, and I feel odd when I see a photo of myself without them =)

    • I’m used to seeing my face without glasses because I bathe and groom without them and that’s when I’m by a mirror. My family always tell me I look weird without my glasses. I guess the frames become part of your face and recognition. Especially if you’ve been wearing them since age 2. I don’t wear contacts full time and so I’ve never gotten used to inserting them or taking them out. Eye torture scenes in movies are always in my mind when I have the tiniest spec of debris in my eye along with a contact lens. It’s not fun.

      • Venom says

        On the few occasions I had to wear contacts (maybe 5 times in my life), I had to have my sister insert them and take them out for me, and it was hell! Unless I can undergo corrective surgery, I am sticking with my glasses! =)

        • You’re braver than me, Venom! I won’t let anyone’s fingers near my eyes. A friend once wanted me to get his contacts out for him and even that made me squeamish. I couldn’t do it. I still feel yuck thinking about pinching someone’s eyeballs accidentally.

          • Venom says

            To top it off, my sister has long fingernails. I sometimes see her taking her own contacts off and I just wonder how she can do it without even a mirror. Yikes!

            • Yikes indeed! I have fairly long nails but I always trim them if I’m going to be wearing contacts. Still, you rather your sister’s long nails than to do it yourself so that must be saying something.

            • Venom says

              My eyes close against my will when I try to insert my own fingers, so I would concentrate on opening them and possibly actually pull the lids away with both hands while my sister put the contacts. . . It was hell! D:

          • I hated contacts. Occasionally I would manage to work my way up to wearing them but for the most part they irritated my eyes and weren’t worth the fuss. Gave up on trying to wear them ever.

    • Thanks Patina. I think in today’s world where there’s so much information out there, making texts user friendly with breaks helps get your message across. If it’s considered dumbing down, fine. But if it works, it works.

      p.s. I love the topic of your blog: Design, Garden and Living. Perfect.

  19. I have contacts and glasses and I dislike wearing my glasses when I go out. Partly because they always feel like they’re weighing down my face, but I also am not crazy about the look. But you’ve made me think about finding the right frames that make you feel great in them. I’m sure the perfect pair is out there!

    • Maybe there should be more literature or guides out there on what frames work on what faces? It is partly opinion, but I’m sure there is plenty of science out there too. Just like you shouldn’t use the typeface Comic Sans in a business proposal, there must be some no-nos when it comes to glasses.

  20. I’ve grown to really love my glasses. A couple of years ago I purchased new frames and got the lenses that tint in the sun so I don’t have to worry about dealing with sunglasses and I couldn’t be happier! Before that, though, I wore my contacts ALL the time and hated my old glasses. Now I can barely stand to wear contacts, they just feel weird in my eyes.

    Glasses are very sexy imo, my guy wears them and I think he’s so adorable! I think it’s definitely seen as attractive these days to wear them, there doesn’t seem to be the stigma behind them that there used to be!

    • Thanks River, I’ve been seriously considering tints these last couple of days. Sounds like they are perfect for you. I’ll see how it prices out for me.

  21. Haha, I used to be the nerd in grade 5-7 too 😦 but I some how magically can see much better than I used to. Either I have gotten used to seeing somewhat blurry or my eyes magically healed themselves

    • You are a lucky exception Tiana. Like in the movies when the nerdy girl takes off her glasses, unties and shakes out her her hair and is an instant hit.

      • hahahaha! I love watching tutorials on how to do make up that works with glasses tho so now I kind of want to go back to them!

        • You just reminded me of another reason why I need better fitting glasses. Mascara always gets painted onto the inside of my lenses because my glasses sit too close to my eyes.

  22. I’ve worn glasses non-stop for sixty-five years. I only have one pair at a time. Each time my prescription changes I get new frames.
    It never made a difference to me when I made a pass. I can see how beautiful a lass is behind her glasses.

  23. Men with glasses are attractive. Not all but if it really suit them, they can be really hot. I prefer wearing contact lenses though because everytime I’m wearing my specs, I get teased as a ‘teacher’ or a ‘librarian’, guess I need to buy a new one that’ll look good on me and I can wear to my advantage, apart from helping me to see clearly.

  24. I actually think I look better with my glasses on. I’ve found a brand I like (Ray Ban, but thinner than the wayfarers) and after I broke my last pair I went in and got pretty much the same thing in a different colour.

    I have trouble wearing them consistently, which is partially because I have the tendency to take them off and leave them places (this is especially bad when using my DSLR or wearing sunglasses). I should wear them and have struggled with this since I got my first pair in grade two. It helps that I really like mine and find that they are quite stylish and make me look better rather than worse.

  25. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 9 or 10 and for years I felt I was alone because most of my classmates weren’t wearing any (I’m very near sighted). Around high school I realized most people had glasses for reading or wore contacts! In any case, freshman year of high school I finally got contacts. It took some adjustment and I had to change brands a few times because the Acuvue with Hydraclear was drying out my eyes way too much! Now I stick to 1 Day Acuvue Moist which means they are daily contact lenses–I throw them out at the end of the day (no longer have to buy contact solution which is nice). Of course now I have to order a year’s supply when I go to the eye doctor… but I was thinking of getting a new frame too. I’ve had the same frame at least since end of high school–thin oval shaped black frames. I don’t think my eyesight has worsened and it’s always good to have a spare pair of glasses! I wear my contacts nearly every day, unless I know I’m not leaving the house/won’t be spending much time outside of the house.

    • Hi Amelie88, I also use 1 Day Acuvue Moist. They are more expensive than the regular kind, but since I don’t wear them regularly, I don’t want to be storing used contacts for an indeterminate amount of time. I’ve never worn any other contacts so I know nothing about storing contacts or cleaning them. I usually just take them out and put them in the bin or in the sink.

      I always order my contacts online. Once you have your prescription and if you visit your optometrist every 2 years as recommended, there’s no reason why you need to order your contacts through them too. Many places online offer huge discounts on contacts and I’ve even seen buy 1 pack get 1 free.

      • Oh thanks for the advice! I actually visit the optometrist every year and I wear my contacts often enough that I run out. So I just happen to order more every time I go.

        • You’re so good Amelie! I actually visit every 2 and half years. I know it should be every 2, so once the 2 year mark hits, I feel guilty for months until curiosity gets the better of me.

  26. I’ve been using glasses for more than 3 years. Everyone in my family seems doomed since both my mom and dad wear glasses. I am pretty conservative with my glasses choices, but recently I have started liking the 80s style geek glasses. I know how people feel about the sunglasses…for most it is either too expensive to get seperate Rx sunglasses or too much of a hassle. I had a good idea though: with the new nerd glasses (i.e. Ray Ban Wayfarer) being in, the sunglasses that are stylish nowadays are basically the same shape. This might be kinda tacky, but it could be cost efficient: has anyone thought to get geek glasses with transversals? I always thought transversals were tacky on more conservative frames as sunglasses styles were so different, but I think you could pull it off with a pair of nerd glasses…

    • Transition lens using big geeky frames might work, though I never liked how it took a few minutes for them to switch from sunglasses to regular glasses again though. I feel blind enough coming inside after being outside, don’t need to be wearing sunglasses indoors for a few minutes too! But you’re right, regular metal frames as sunglasses generally don’t look that great but Wayfarers would. I have a pair of Wayfarer style sunglasses in white already.

  27. I was always the one who also went “blind” because I didn’t want to be teased . then I was a contacts wearer until, my eye’s no longer could take them after so many years. Two years I chose to go for not only glasses but some thick black ones too. Since then I sometimes wish for my sleeker non glass look but at other times I enjoy my sexy teacher look…and never has it stopped a man from asking for my number.

  28. I do the very same thing for photos…i call it my superman move…but day in day out i’m wearing my specs…my sis has a funky pair and she looks fab in them….i have yet to try contacts and well i guess i should just shut up and get new ones…

    • You just reminded me of one time when I was wearing contact lenses and actually wore fake frames for photos. It was at my graduation and they had a basket of glasses frames (lens free) so me and my Dad both picked some frames we liked so we could look smarter for the family photo. One time only!

  29. notnofun says

    I love glasses. I have 6 pairs. I have worn glasses since I was 12 …. did the only contacts phase – now I firmly believe you need to rock the shit out of what ever glasses you feel like wearing. Asia is a great place to shop for fun glasses.

    • My first contacts and first plastic frames were from Hong Kong. I’m Chinese and there’s something to be said about buying frames there. They kind of know a bit more about framing to my little nose and they were cheap! So cheap.

      6 pairs. That’s impressive. Do you wear them all?

      • notnofun says

        Ya – some of them are a little more off the wall than others …. and colorful. I wear them all in rotation – most of them I bought in China and the rest in South Korea … I’m not Asian but for sure there is wicked selection.

  30. Isn’t the bigger issue would you want to date a guy that thought glasses were a deal breaker? Wouldn’t that be a pretty petty issue to have issues about? Personally I doesn’t bother me at all if a woman I’m interested in wears them.

    • You’re right Martin, no girl should want to date a guy that found glasses to be a deal breaker. It’s an old fashioned idea that hasn’t stood the test of time.

  31. Ashna says

    I know exactly what you mean. I’ve had my glasses for 5+ years and initially I hated them. I couldn’t wait to be able to wear contacts (I was too young to get them back then). I wouldn’t even walk out of the house with my glasses on. But sometimes I became too lazy to put contacts in for small errands and started wearing glasses. And the newer frames make them so much easier to wear anywhere. Now I find glasses to be quite…fashionable. ha. Once I had to wear them at school for an entire week, and I was thinking everyone would make fun of me–yes, that’s how insecure I was. But once everyone saw me, they actually liked them. People even said I look good in them. And that was a huge boost to my confidence. Now I feel like I can wear them wherever. I think finding a frame that suits your face is the key to looking great in glasses. And hey, when you look great you feel great, right? (:

  32. i started wearing glasses about 2 months ago mine are plastic frames a shade of purple-pink i love it i wear it all the time it sort of make me looks grown up and i like the feeling

  33. I have been wearing glasses since I was a kid. Never like contacts. They irritate my eyes. My mother in law even wanted to pay for me to get contacts. Didn’t accept. Glasses are the thing now a days.

  34. I wear glasses, but only when I am at home. I was just like you back when I was in high school — I’d only wear my glasses when I still couldn’t see what’s on the board after numerous attempts at squinting.

    I don’t think I look good in them, so it’s always contact lenses for me whenever I go out.

    Love the graphics/pictures (I don’t know what they’re called, sorry! D:)

  35. I’ve had to wear glasses since I got my driver’s permit. In fact, it was during the vision portion of the permit test that I realized I needed them (at least legally). But for the past two years I’ve worn contacts when I’m out of the house just because it’s easier. I’m bad about dropping or breaking my glasses. But I like my glasses. They have purple wire frames.

  36. Honestly, I will never understand women’s reluctance to wear glasses. I’ve never met a man who’s said “wow, she’s really interesting, intelligent and sexy, but too bad she wears glasses, I guess I’ll have to take a pass..” And if you were a woman, would you really want to go out with someone who thought like that? Stop worrying about what others think and wear what you like…

    • Hi J-Bola, I guess it’s because for a long time glasses were geeky or nerdy and not the realm of “hot chicks” or the “alpha male”. It may be juvenile, but it’s there. There are boys/men that would rather not wear glasses. I have a male friend that has never owned glasses and wore contacts from day one.

  37. backtothegroove says

    I started wearing glasses just April of this year, although I’ve been in denial for more than a year before getting a pair for my astigmatism. Check out my avatar – I’m wearing them, teehee! πŸ™‚ I think cat’s eye frames are sexy – saw a pair in a Ray-Ban store, saving up for it now. Haha!

    • Hi Micah, your glasses are very cute. I have been pondering cat’s eye frames as my “fun” pair. I’ll have to see if they suit my face first though. As cute as they are on stunning glasses models, I’m not sure everyone can pull them off. I have a tiny amount of astigmatism, I’m not even sure what it means.

      • backtothegroove says

        Thank you! πŸ™‚ I agree, cat eye frames are tricky to pull off but in the right face shape, they look stunning! πŸ™‚ I hope you find the perfect pair for you!

        Astigmatism is a condition characterised by an irregular curvature of the cornea. The normal eye is spherical in shape, but a person with astigmatism has eyes like the back of the spoon or something – so that when light enters the eyes, it is refracted in more than one direction, causing only a portion of the image to be clear. Objects at a distance can appear blurry or wavy. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps!

  38. Ever since I got my contacts earlier this year, my family have been saying I should wear them more. To be honest I prefer my glasses, way easier to put on and my Red or Dead frames do make me look smarter…or so I think πŸ™‚

  39. I wear glasses all the time, or at least when I’m awake. I’ve done so since I was around 10 years old, so I’m not just comfortable in them, I feel naked without them and can barely recognise myself in the mirror. Since I use them so much (and also since the lenses themselves are so expensive), I never have a problem spending a lot on the frames.

    Let’s see, I reckon I get 3 or 4 years wear out of a pair of glasses, maybe more. 4 years x 365 days x 16 waking hours a day = 23,360 hours of wear. If I spend $500 on the frame, that’s only 2 cents an hour.

    So there you have it.

  40. ammm, love your post. simply yet beautifully written.

    well i do wear glasses and have always loved wearing them (always fortunately started in 2007). Wanted to wear them while i was still at school but never got the chance.

    Mine looks like this —>
    (m a rookie around here, wanted to post the pic of the frame but couldn’t. the link’s not turning blue either. in the blog it does :$)

  41. travelrat says

    People still got all kinds of misconceptions about bicycles on noses. Twice I’ve been told: ‘You can’t have been a pilot; you wear glasses’ I’m thinking of having cards printed saying ‘I didn’t always wear glasses. And pilots ARE allowed to wear them!’

    FWIW, I was 46 years old when I decided I either needed glasses or longer arms … and I was really surprised, when I got them, to discover how much I did need them!

      • travelrat says

        They do need 20/20 vision when they start, but if their vision deteriorates, they’re allowed to continue flying, as long as they carry a spare pair. I think contact lenses are allowed, too, but I never researched that too deeply, as I just counldn’t get on with them.

  42. I don’t wear glasses, my Dad and Brother do. It makes me laugh when I am out with my Brother and he doesn’t wear them. As he says he is as “blind as a bat”. I ask him why he doesn’t always wear them all the time, his reply “depends on what look I am going for”.

    I think glasses on a man are sexy, so why not the same for women?

  43. I have worn glasses since they were first strapped to my head when I was 14 months old. I used to hate them when I was younger, but now I see them as a fun accessory. I have several pairs for distance, a pair of prescription sunglasses and a pair for reading. Lenscrafters is a great way to go, if you buy multiple pairs, as they have sales several times a year and a big selection of designer (and non-designer) frames. I like to change up my look for different occasions and wearing a different pair of glasses is a fun way to do that. Oh, and BTW, I have never had a problem with boys not making passes πŸ˜‰

  44. I have the coolest glasses, barely-there flexible frames and transition lenses. I got them 10 years ago and foolishly paid a gold mint for them. My prescription has changed, but I don’t wanna.
    I only wear them for distance – driving, going outside, etc, so I don’t feel I’ve truly gotten my money’s-worth yet. Sure, it’d be nice to *see* crisply again, but…the ego…

  45. I need glasses for reading and TV, and I hate it. They are a pain in the bum.

    But yes, they make many women look sexy.

  46. I’ve worn specs since I was 9. I switched over to lenses when I was 16 and unfortunately had to go back to glasses when I was 23 cos my eyes grew allergic to lenses or something like that. So I can imagine how you feel.
    It’s not so bad though. Get yourself a frame that you really like, eve it’s a little over your budget. It’s something you’re going to wear everyday so it should be something you feel good in!

    • Thanks thecontradictoryoptimist, you’re right, getting the wrong frames because of price isn’t something you can ignore day in, day out. Splurging for the best ones will proof it’s worth every day.

  47. This entry could have been me! I hardly used to wear glasses when I first got them at school, but now my eyesight requires me to wear them all the time. But I still don’t count myself as a full time glasses wearer (even though I could never go out without them) and you’d be hard pressed to find many recent photos of me with them on. I’ll wear contacts as much as possible, or take them off for photos – shine in the lenses off the sun/flash grr! I know lots of people that suit them (and people say I do) but my self confidence plummets when I have to wear them out!

  48. Nice post! I wear my glasses 90% of the time too, and it’s true what you say about facebook πŸ™‚
    I work from home, so I can’t be bothered to wear contact lenses during the day. Sometimes, though, I need to pop into the shop round the corner and it always surprises me when a guy checks me out while I’m picking a box of cereals or queuing in front of the till. But why should it surprise me? Lots of men think women who wear glasses are sexy. And we are!

  49. I find glasses so cool. I keep teasing my Mom about how one day I WILL get them.
    I make do with sunglasses. πŸ˜€

  50. I used to be the same. I got glasses when I was about 11 and I used to wear them religiously then. But later as I became a teenager, I thought they made me look dorky. Now my eyes can see even less clearly, so when I wear glasses, I cannot see stuff at either side unless I do a full turn. I hate that. So I wear contact lenses. I do on occasions (like when I’m at home or am just too lazy) wear glasses. And they’re metal frames that hopefully will last forever :P. Great post!

  51. I’m wearing glasses most of the time as I’m not comfortable wearing contact lenses and don’t have problems with it. I can’t see without them and I’m pretty useless without them.

    • I’m useless without them too. There have been times when I forget to wear/pack contact lenses when going for a swim. In those cases, I’m what I refer to as a blind mole rat going for a swim. It’s embarrassing because I can’t see people’s faces. Anyone that looks vaguely like the people I am with might get unwanted attention from me.

  52. shejj says

    I’ve hated my glasses since I got them at about 10, and as soon as I was old enough I bought contact lenses, but I’ve recently started wearing my glasses outdoors and to think I once hated my glasses so much I went to the cinemas to watch a blurry film!

    • I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without contacts or glasses. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to see very much. Not even the face of the cashier at the cinema. Definitely not a movie. You should have popped your glasses on once the lights dimmed and the movie came on πŸ˜‰

  53. I used to wear glasses for the longest time. The first time I tried contacts, I felt like a new person! I think I’m also guilty of feeling very self-conscious in my glasses, and the contacts were a bit of a confidence-boost. I eventually got LASIK done, not for the vanity but the convenience factor.

    That said, it’s a bit of a double-standard but I think girls look good with glasses! Hahaha sadly my wife had LASIK done too.

  54. I always thought that the statement “boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses” was stupid … more fool them.

    I wore the same pair of glasses for around thirty years, they were old National Health Service pattern glasses and I was most disappointed that they didn’t seem to be available when I had to get a new pair with completely different frames. I have since found out that the old pattern frames are available:

    Mine were the “gold” sort without the optional plastic covers typically tortoiseshell. When I can afford to get a spare pair I’ll revert to the old style.

    I’ve been fortunate that I’ve only had two different prescriptions and hence only two pairs of glasses, the first with glass lenses the second with plastic. It has kept the cost down.

  55. I wear glasses for reading and sometimes for computer work, but can’t see anything more than two feet away through them. This means I have to wear my glasses on a cord round my neck and they go on and off through my working day. I do sometimes terrify myself when I catch a close-up in the mirror whilst still wearing my glasses. I usually think I don’t look too bad going into middle age, but the glasses tell me different. It’s a cruel reality check!

  56. I’ve got glasses since the 6th grade but hated wearing them….which gradually increased my power -.-
    So now I’m afraid to take em off even while sleeping!!
    Glassomania, i guess πŸ˜›

    Btw, great post πŸ™‚

  57. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 9, and I hated them. I really don’t think I have a face for glasses, it accentuates all my bad parts. So I got contacts in high school, and loved them.
    These days I tend to wear my glasses more, because I have a tendency for Giant Papular Conjunctivits and because glasses offer more protection should I be exposed to a fluid splash in the hospital.
    But like you, I still wear my contacts for special events. When I get my first paycheck, I’ll get a sexy pair of glasses that I feel more comfortable in.

  58. I wear glassses and i totally feel like an alien when i wear them :(. i want contacts but am too scared to touch my eyes. haha. so looking for sexier frames

  59. TheBlueMorpho says

    I’ve been wearing glasses since middle school. I am now in my second year of college so it was several years ago when I got my first pair. It was funny because, in Elementary school they always checked our vision every so often. And I kept thinking “Please let them say I need glasses!” but I can’t imagine why I wanted to be told I needed glasses. I guess the thought of it made me feel cooler. Then, several years later I found it hard to read the white boards in class or see things in the distance. So I went to the eye doctor and was told I needed glasses. Without them, I can’t see anything in the distance worth crap. I’m now wearing my third pair of glasses since then, and I went with square, plastic, black frames, with tints of red this time. I love them! I wont go back to metal framed glasses again! But I was born for the nerdy look, so glasses fit me perfectly. πŸ™‚

  60. I’ve worn glasses since I was 10, got contacts at 16, and like you were my glasses most of the time. I wear my contacts on special occasions or when it’s really sunny (so I can wear sunnies), or playing sport. I splashed out on some very expensive frames a few years ago – my thought was – I am wearing this nearly everyday, I need to look good! People splash out on jeans – I splash out on glasses. It does mean that I have only on pair though. I’m so blind, the lenses themselves are really expensive. Also – people think you’re more intelligent if you wear glasses…

  61. Moallima. says

    I loveeeed your post a LOT! I have been wearing glasses since umm.. 2008 maybe. Or 07? Anyway. But I have tried a number of glasses, though not as big and trendy but ones which made me look more like a nerd during my high-school time. What I always tried to figure out was my comfort zone while wearing my spectacles.
    Recently I bought myself a bit thicker black framed glasses and they made my look completely different, sadly more like a hipster. :B
    Personally I am scared of lenses. 😦 I feel like I’ll wear them and they’ll go lost somewhere in my retina and kaboom! So I never bought and always had my glasses on. I feel my face looks better with them and incomplete without them.
    And the comments here! They are as interesting as the post. But they are so many! Too lazy to read all of them.

  62. my eyes have been sooooo dry that even my soft contact lenses drive me crazy. I heard that Lasik makes the dry eyes worse. I am like you, wearing my contacts lately only on an as needed basis. I like my glasses but I want a cooler pair. Even the NBA players are making glasses cool again.

  63. CogitoErgoCogitoSum says

    I think girls who wear glasses are hotter, personally.

  64. I wear contacts. πŸ™‚

    I am in the same boat where I would wear my glasses but right now they are fairly unfashionable and I need a new pair so I don’t wear them in public. Hopefully, I will make a purchase in a year or so (gawd they are so expensive).

    And as for boys. I am most attracted to guys who wear contacts and glasses, that way it’s not as awkward having to take them out each night and wearing glasses in bed. Camaraderie.

  65. heya!! nice writing!! dnt worry wear ur glasses.. & dnt care wat other says.. I luv dis cz me too wearing glasses dnt knw since when.. :-o, also wear contact lenses on special occasions..But believe me “Boys do make passes at gals who wear GLASSES” πŸ˜‰ Glasses.. Glasses rocks \m/ ..

  66. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was about 7, I tried contact lenses for a bit but decided they were too much bother. And I think I look odd now without my glasses, I just look blind πŸ™‚ (my Mum’s the same)
    My friends wears glasses occassionally and she looks really intelligent with them on, it changes her face quite a bit (not in a bad way though). So glasses aren’t all bad πŸ˜€

  67. Yessssss. My aunt used to say that bit about guys and passes… That sort of thing has an effect on the high school mind.

    Now here I am at 25 with a big ol’ pair of black-rimmed glasses (the bigger the better, eh?), though I admit…I was a little afraid of being called a hipster. πŸ˜‰

  68. p.s. for the cheapest pair of decent glasses ever, pick some up in Cambodia if you happen to happen down this way! Starting at $7. ^_^

  69. aniahainah says

    Your post (and the comments) made me feel confident enough in wearing my glasses. I feel uncomfortable wearing them because most of the time I feel ugly on them because of that I also take away my glasses on photos. I also squint back then and ask my seatmates on what’s written on the board (they even volunteer to write the notes for me! tehee!). *Though they say that squinting without your glasses on will make your vision more blurry*
    Then I bought clear contact lenses to boost my confidence and it helped but I lost the left pair and I panicked because I thought it went into the depths of my eyes and that I’ll be blind in the next few hours but I found out that it flew away because of the wind(panicky much). Now I’m quite afraid of contacts that’s why I bought two glasses with big frames(one black; the other blue green? ) to see clearly and be fashionable at the same time.

    Thanks for the wonderful post! x

  70. I’ve worn glasses since I was 18, so almost ten years now. I don’t need to wear them all the time but I probably wear them more than I need to. I actually think I look better with glasses on – lots of people do look better or at least as good wearing glasses as without. Choose the right frames for your shape of face, in the right colour and they really add something, I had comments from people when I first started wearing them but have to this day never had a negative comment.

    As for contacts – I struggle to put eye drops in let alone contacts…

  71. I agree. I am nearsighted and wear glasses. For the longest time, I was also embarrassed by them until I saw how cute the styles became over the years. Now I wear them proudly (well..when I do wear them he he). Great post!

  72. I wear contacts and glasses, though contacts more often. I have some pretty cool glasses, but I still feel uncomfortable in them. I think it’s from all of my years during my childhood spent hating my glasses. I also am involved in a lot of sports, and driving is tough with glasses + sunglasses. Still, I’m trying to learn to love the glasses!

  73. Glasses since 3rd grade here — now approaching the point where it’s glasses-period due to middle age. Wore contacts forEVER in high school and college, right up until I got high-index thin lenses and could kiss the coke bottles goodbye. Since then, it’s been nothing but glasses. They’re WAY better than contacts — you can doze with them in. I used to wear contacts to go to the opera and symph (I love that stuff), but realized that it was a problem since I like to close my eyes when I listen … which makes the stupid things dry out. o_O

    Glasses are way better than contacts. And I don’t know how unsexy they are — when I was in grad school and I pointed out when one of the boys had the wrong limits on an integral, that was generally enough to piss them off way more than my glasses did. Heh. πŸ™‚ And nothing is less sexy than denting your shin on a coffee table.

  74. thinktypeblog says

    I’ve had my glasses for about 7 years and I hate wearing them! But I do have a favourite pair which says ‘spexy’ on the side πŸ˜€ I do want to start wearing contact but I ususally get nervous when there is a close contact with my eyes 😦

  75. I have a pair of red plastic frames and I’ve had them for about two years now. I hate wearing glasses. Hate it, hate it. I’d probably hate it less if I could buy a decent pair of frames but I run a lot and wearing glasses is a pain when I’m running. I can’t afford contact lenses just yet and I really feel unconfident without them on (because I really can’t see that well!) so I’m making do for now.

  76. Cute girls in glasses are wonderful! I do agree with some of the comments about glasses are now hip to wear and that can also be seen by men. Many NBA players wear the thick rimmed glasses as more of a style then a necessity.

  77. Also I have a theory that good eyes and good teeth are no longer reliable reasons to pick a mate because fixing those problems through technology. 50 years ago a person with straight teeth or with great eyesight would have a leg up in dating jungle.

  78. I have worn glasses since I was in grade 1, though admittedly back then I ‘lost’ them often, much to my parent’s dismay (ok, I purposely left my back back unzipped in the hopes that the glasses would fall out).

    I have a few pairs now, since I’m not a candidate for lasik and I can’t wear contacts (I’ve tried, but I end up looking like my dog just died by the time I get them in, swollen, red and watery). I love my glasses. I love the way I can use them to accessorize. I love the way my plastic tortoiseshell ones hide the dark circles when I’ve been up working on my thesis till 2 am!

    My husband got lasik about 6 years ago, but I liked him in glasses. I still think he’d look good in them if he ever needs them again someday… there’s something sexy about a man in a smart pair of glasses. At least to me. But then I am pretty nerdy :s
    Great post!

  79. I didn’t get my glasses until I was 26. Now that I’m nearing 40, my Rx has changed enough that there is no way I could go 10 minutes without my glasses before feeling sick as a dog. I love my glasses, but I tried on about 20 pair and got the opinion of everyone in sight, and not in sight by use of the camera on my phone. I like the pair I chose enough that when I next need to get my Rx changed, I’ll likely keep the same frames!–306813.html These are my Tory Burch glasses. Love!!

    • Those glasses are cute. I had similar ones before. I broke them.

      I wear contacts to go and try on frames. Otherwise I can’t see what I look like in the mirror. Oh the irony.

  80. It’s funny, the Facebook picture thing was the exact same for me! You would never know I wore glasses unless you saw me in person because I preferred taking photos when I had my contacts in. But I just got laser vision correction so now I don’t have to worry about it!

  81. Nahed Omer says

    I wear glasses too.

    In this year I changed them over three times,u know why?

    One time I sat on them without seeing them. Another time I left them on the hand of the chair my son sat on them.

    I did not get used to them,I leave them without carelessness.

    My husband said he will buy me glasses made of iron

    • Hi Nahed Omer, perhaps iron glasses will be right for you. I have what seem to be unbreakable glasses, but now I’m faced with the problem that I don’t need new glasses, I just want them.

  82. Hey!
    Such a nice post! I’m wearing glasses since I was 5…so, 20 years ago.
    I’m feeling pretty good with it, they’re actually quite cool! (and I didn’t spend much…you just need to pick the right color for you and find the shape that suits you best!)
    I’m trying to switch to contacts, but I’m so lazy and wearing glasses is just so easy…much easier than wearing something ON your eyes.
    I’ll give them a try sooner or later, but for the moment…glasses!

    • Hey seattleinspired, if you’re happy with glasses, don’t worry about contacts. They take some getting used to and not worth the fuss unless you dislike glasses.

  83. I have two pairs of glasses and I wear them all the time, not just because i have to, but because they have a dotty design on them which is just like me! I’ve been wearing glasses since I was two so I can’t remember what I could (or couldn’t) see without them! I have small ones with rectangular frames so they don’t cover half of my face but am thinking of getting contact lenses soon. Great post, love the pictures!

  84. I absolutely love my glasses now but I didn’t like them at all when I was younger. Now, they are a part of my ‘look’ and I can’t think of not having them. I’ve thought of having laser eye surgery but now they are just so a part of me I’m thinking I’ll keep them. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sarah, I like the idea of being to see without corrective lenses, but eye surgery freaks me out. I had a cyst removed from my eye when I was a little girl. I was awake the whole time, giant needle, knife and all. After that, I wore a bloody eye patch. I guess I still have issues! When they can do surgery without actuall surgery, I’ll be all over it.

  85. You should love your glasses! You need them, make them work for you! I wear them ninety percent of the time too…you can see some of mine on my page. They are kind of part of my style now? Many of my friends opt for the contact lens but glasses don’t have the stigma attached to them, that they had years ago..
    Just try lots of styles and choose the ones that shout, ‘hot, sexy mama.’ Who couldn’t love a pair of specs that shout comments like that? It’s just about confidence. If you want to rock them…you’ll bloody rock them πŸ˜‰

    • lol. When I go spec shopping, I’m going to ask the shop assistant to see their “hot sexy mama” range.

      p.s. I love the frames on your blog.

    • Hi Caillihpdiordna, I’ve read that if you saw an exact clone of yourself on the street, you probably wouldn’t recognise yourself. We’re used to seeing ourselves from exactly front on and mirrored. Sideways, moving, talking etc is foreign to us. I bet if your clone wasn’t wearing glasses you really wouldn’t recognise yourself.

  86. There are no pictures of me with glasses anywhere! I never wear them. I have a very light prescription so I can get away with it. It does suck, however, when I forget them when going to plays or movies because I’m just not used to carrying them. I got them about 6 years ago. I was in denial for a long time, but when I got on the wrong bus because I read the route number wrong, I knew it was time! Plain black plastic frames for me!

    • lol. Before I wore glasses, I would wave down every bus that drove past and ask the driver if they went to my street. I’m glad that it’s not a common thing to do or buses would be late everywhere!

  87. I had glasses in Jr. High- ugh- what a worst time to get those huge pink-framed glasses with my right eye Clearly bigger than the other one. Back in those days, the technology just wasn’t there to make my eyes look the same size. Long story short- One of my friends nicknamed me buggles – a name my family still calls me if they need to burst out in laughter. So after “loosing” my pink buggles, I refused to see straight until I turned 40, a month before my 40th birthday, I went to the eye doctors and proclaimed that I’m now ready for glasses. He was stunned that I had went a lifetime without them. Hey, I have one good eye. When I put them on, I couldn’t walk because everything had depth, like a 3D TV! That was new. But I still cannot get used to being glasses girl, even though I can see leaves as individuals now. I am on my way to get contacts this month, I figure that’s a better alternative to “leaving” my glasses at home, oops. I really LOVE seeing the world this way, just not sure why I don’t love seeing me this way some days. Perhaps I need a sexy pair.

    • I think you need a sexy pair too. Buggles is such an unfortunate name but I’m glad you can laugh about it now. I will never forget how I felt the first day I wore glasses. It’s like suddenly being able to breathe fresh mountain air after a lifetime indoors. Individual leaves on trees is definitely one of the things I remember noticing for the first time.

  88. Glasses have come a LONG way over the last 15 years. Technology in lenses make thinner options available. I have Cryzal (spelling?) lenses that have lasted me several years. Some glasses come free with lens purchase, it depends on your insurance if you have it.

    I say start browsing! You won’t find the look you love unless you go try some new frames.

  89. I used to wish for glasses when I was little because I thought they looked cool. When I was 12 I actually needed them…then I thought they were a pain in the butt and my friends told me I looked weird in them. So for awhile I hated having glasses.
    My opinions have changed since then. The frames make a big difference. I got frames that made me feel smart and fashionable, and I was happy to wear my glasses more often. I still wear contacts most of the time, but I actually like how I look in my glasses now.

    My current frames are black on the outside with a red plaid design on the inside πŸ˜€

    • Black on the outside with a red plaid design on the inside sound great! Like wearing a coat with cool lining or jandals (thongs/flip flops) with a cool pattern. You know it’s there.

      It’s a bummer your friends weren’t supportive of your glasses when you were younger.

  90. Love this post. Not wanting to get glasses but needing them badly was so me in community college. After getting lost a lot in unfamilar parts of town and panicking, I gave in, but only for driving.

    • Hi Pezcita, glad you are no longer getting lost in unfamiliar parts of town! I have no hope of reading street signs without my glasses. It’s more a case of “Street sign? What street sign?!”.

  91. I’m almost 22 and I’ve worn glasses since I was about 13. I chose to not wear contacts because I’m super sensitive about putting things in my eyes. Besides… I love my frames! πŸ˜‰
    My older brother has been trying to talk me into getting a pair of prescription sunglasses because he thinks I would absolutely love them, but my eyes aren’t very light-sensitive, so I’m afraid that would be a waste of money. I may change my mind though…

    • My eyes aren’t light sensitive either. Sunglasses are a fashion accessory to me. But if my geeky frames also look good as sunglasses, it’s worth a shot. Not all frames look good as sunglasses though, so I think if they do look good as sunglasses, go for it.

  92. I wore glasses from 6 years old to 23 and I abused my contacts so much the optician told me to stop wearing them completely. I had my eyes lasered last year and absolutely loved it! Now I wear ‘fashion glasses’ when it suits me πŸ˜‰

  93. I hated my glasses when I hated my frames. I have new frames (that I picked out) and now I love my glasses and I wear them all the time. Every time I get new frames, it’s like I have a different style. One year, it’s two-toned blue, the next year it’s ‘hipster’ style, now it’s two-toned with hearts…. This list continues. I’ve considered contacts, but glasses give me the luxury of choosing what I want to see πŸ™‚

    • You’re right Imani, a new pair of glasses is refreshing and it’s like having a new haircut. Two-toned with hearts sound wonderfully whimsical!

  94. I hate my glasses but have had to wear them for the last few days because I got a scratch on my eye and wasn’t able to wear contacts. Have had some fantastic comments about the way I look in them thought, which is so lovely – always feel like I’m hiding behind them normally. Have decided to get back to wearing contacts when I can, but crack out the glasses on occasion so I get the ‘Oh you look different…LOVE the glasses’ comments.
    Great post πŸ™‚ I always thought boys didn’t make passes with girls in glasses…but when worn with a short skirt it seems they are not a worthy deterrent!

    • Mummybigbum! What a fun name for a blog. Eye scratches freak me out. I don’t like it one bit.

      And I think if you’re wearing a short skirt, even the world’s thicket goggle glasses wouldn’t deter some boys.

    • Hi Natasiarose, I don’t know if it will work for you, but if you are becoming far sighted, there are lots of eye exercises that may stem your failing eyesight. Worth a shot if you don’t want to wear glasses.

  95. ocnlvr83 says

    I wear glasses 98% of the day, barring when I sleep and go outside. I will not be seen in public unless it’s autumn or winter in my glasses. I only have to wear my glasses for reading, but I do that practically all day, so I wear them all day. I have black frames that are thin, but not Sarah Palin-like.

      • ocnlvr83 says

        I wear sunglasses all the time in the summer, since I am outside. In the fall, it’s so drab here I can get away without sunglasses (sometimes). Basically, I only wear my glasses indoors.

  96. I’ve worn glasses since I was almost TWO! My mom had me in horrible hair cuts, etc. when I was in elem/junior high. The first time I went to try to get contacts, the doctor told me I wasn’t eligible – my vision was too poor. The second opinion said I could get them. Praise the Lord! I got contacts in 8th grade and REFUSED to get a back-up pair of glasses. lol I finally did when I was 20 and met my future husand. They – were – THICK! I am almost legally blind in my right eye. My vision uncorrected is like -425 in my right eye. My left eye is probably -125 or something. Corrected with contacts, my left eye is like 20/30. Don’t get near me if I’m driving at night! Ugh! I now wear my glasses about 40% of the time (cuz I’m lazy when I just stay home) and have been told every single year by optomotrists and opthamologists that I am not eligible for lasic surgery. For the first few years I would cry each time they gave me that news. They say it’s not worth it since I only have one good eye – just in case something happens. I had one of my managers tell me once that it hurt to look at me with my glasses on. Sorry! This is just such a strong subject for me!

    • It hurt to look at you with your glasses on? That’s terrible. It must be weird being legally blind in one eye and being a talented photographer. No doubt it is something you worry about.

  97. Roshni says

    I’m surprised at how well I could relate to this post. I have eye sight problems and have been prescribed glasses. But I do not wear glasses because I think it makes me look too nerdy…even though I want to wear them, atleast for the sake of my eyes! And right now, I’m thinking of changing them so that I have some reason to motivate myself to wear them. πŸ™‚ Awesome post. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Hi Roshni, I have been amazed at the number of people who can relate to my story. As much as we understand that glasses can look good on others, I guess it is hard to accept that glasses can also look good on ourselves.

  98. I used to hate wearing glasses so I got contacts which I now wear full time. I hate the look of myself with glasses and I always think people judge me and think I’m a ‘geek’ when I wear them

  99. I’ve worn glasses since kindergarten…they are a part of my face–I wear them from when I wake up til I get back into bed to sleep. I went through my contacts phase, but I genuinely feel more confident in glasses. They are the one accessory I feel totally justified in spending gobs and gobs of money on, since I wear them literally every day. I like more unique frames–LaFont is a great designer from France and they have very innovative styles. My current glasses are by Dolce & Gabbana. They are clear plastic with actual black lace between the two pieces of plastic. They came in a super cute black lacy case too! Wear your glasses and OWN your look. Guys buy confident girls drinks, not because they don’t wear glasses πŸ˜‰

  100. I’ve worn glasses for twenty-odd years and finally did lasik last year. Now I miss my glasses. It’s like I lost a body part or something. Lol. So silly.

    • Hi Jo, I never thought about it as a part of my body. I guess it does feel different, but I kind of feel free when I’m not wearing glasses. I can rub my eyes without anything in the way.

  101. I wear glasses and I like them. They have silver-colored frames for durability in everyday use. I don’t know the brand name. I like my glasses because they immediatley give people the impression that I have brains too. I’d rather have a guy tell me he likes me for my brains than the way I look. In fact when I guy tells me I’m smart I feel like he’s actually interested in me.

  102. Ania A. says

    I like your post a lot. It resembles my attitude to glasses. As well as you I should have worn glasses for years but I have always found excuse not to. Only occasionally someone could see me wearing glasses. Since I have noticed that my sight got worst I made my mind and decided to get new glasses. It took me forever to choose frames. It was one of the toughest decision. Since I know from my past experience that if it won’t be right I won’t wear them. Now anytime I wear them and I catch a glimpse of myself wearing glasses in a mirror I get surprised since it is not how I’m used to seeing myself. It will take time to get used to it.

    • Hi Ania, thanks for your comment. You’re right about the mirror thing. I got a haircut last week and today I picked up my brand new glasses. It’s taken a month since I wrote this blog post for me to get the chops to invest in a pair of specs that made me feel good. Lucky I’m hanging out at home today I because I keep checking out what I look like. A haircut and new glasses takes a little getting used to!

      • Ania A. says

        Oh yes, Two changes like that coming together always requier mirrors and time πŸ™‚

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