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Another local foodie mecca

At the end of the month or in November, there’s to be (yet another) supposed foodie mecca around here called Ponsonby Central. There will be cafes, specialist food stores, a street food strip, a fresh produce market and even an in-house radio station. It looks like there may also be some character office space available so if I stumble across a wad of cash, this might just be where I’ll plonk our new design company. Dreams are free.

The focus on the process of making fresh food is sure to appeal to your average foodie. On site there will be coffee being roasted and bread being baked. At the butchery, carcasses will be hanging up and these will be cut behind glass doors for all to see. Sustainability and recycling are also big issues at Ponsonby Central and the old building was pulled apart and the materials re-used. All businesses have signed on to a recycling initiative as part of their contract.

Stores to include

  • Produce market
  • Bakery
  • Fish monger
  • Butchery
  • Cheese shop

Street food to include:

  • Gourmet BBQ sausages
  • Japanese izakaya
  • Coffee
  • Gourmet pizza

It will either rival or compliment the Nosh store just 600 metres down the road and just a hop and a skip away from the world famous in New Zealand Ponsonby Food Hall.

I’m most looking forward to the street food strip. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

To keep up to date with it’s development, check out the Ponsonby Central facebook page.


  1. I love your dream. 🙂 It’s wonderful! What a foodie haven. We need a bit more of that here. And a bit more parking to go with it. I don’t know about NZ, but whenever Australia opens something cool, they never have enough parking!

    • I think the idea is to have more awesome places in the suburbs so that people can walk there. I’d love to live and work by a market like this. Who needs to commute? I walk everywhere as it is though. I’m just being lazy now.

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