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Foodbox 3

Foodbox, The Appetiser, $33NZ

Foodbox, The Appetiser, $33NZ

First impression

Red and purple are my two favourite colours. Maybe not together all the time as they can be quite grabby intense, but certainly on their own. So it was a delight to unpack our Foodbox this week and see lots of red and purple.

We got heaps of apples this week. I specifically requested more apples apples so it was cool to have 2 kinds of apples this week.


  1. Red cabbage half
  2. Red capsicum x 1
  3. Red kumara x 2
  4. Baby red potatoes x 25 (1.6kg)
  5. Tomatoes x 2
  6. Broccoli x 1
  7. Button mushrooms x 250g


  1. Apples – Envy x 6
  2. Apples – Lemonade x 5
  3. Mandarins x 3
  4. Lime x 1
  5. Kiwifruit x 3
  6. Banana x 3

 Add ons

  • 1 dozen free range eggs

The most interesting thing in the box

25 baby red potatoes. They’re like a little army. They look so lovely I have to resist biting into them like I would an apple.

CSA Link Party

If you are interested in CSA and what see what other people around the world are getting each week in their boxes, please check out at the weekly link party What’s In The Box over at Heather’s blog In Her Chucks.


  1. Love the looks of that cabbage! What do you plan to do with it? Always looking for cabbage recipes 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and linking up!

    • Hi Heather, I love cabbage cooked quickly in a hot pan. We had a good chunk of it sauteed in chopped garlic, a little butter and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Super yum. I’ve put on a corned beef in the slow cooker tonight with few baby potatoes and when it’s just about ready, I might throw in some cabbage too. I’m not really fan of boiled cabbage when pan fried cabbage is so lovely but I’ve just been advised by The Koala that he “quite likes” boiled cabbage. Who knew?

  2. It looks like a lovely box of goodies. They say you eat with your eyes first, so I can just imagine what magnificent dishes you will concoct with this.

    • Me too! I think we will eat the last of the potatoes tonight. Love them boiled buttered and herbed. I could eat a bowl of them like that.

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