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Foodbox Menu 3

Winter is coming.

Over the last week, The Koala and I have hunkered down and watched three seasons of Game of Thrones. According to story, since we had a long and hot summer we will have a particularly long and cold winter. Joy.

The Koala’s job requires him to be on the road all day so he doesn’t have the luxury of a microwave or fridge. Last summer, I bought a nifty warmer/refrigerator to take with him on the road. Because of this, I have been able to send him to work with hot lunches. It’s getting chilly now and leftovers have become a welcome part of our work day. I can tick off one of my bucket list items. Woo!

I used to buy my lunch but now I bring leftovers and we have so many leftovers I can barely keep up. Not a bad problem to have. I’ve had to put more than one meal in the freezer to enjoy another time. One day I’ll remember there’s a couple of roast drumsticks and baby potatoes that need nuking.


Foodbox Menu 3

Items in bold or italic are from our Foodbox or vegetable garden.

  1. Roast chicken drumsticks, baby potatoes (drowned in butter and herbs sauce). Red cabbagebroccolilime and mayo slaw
  2. Slow cooked corned beef with baby red potatoes and red cabbage. Served with The Koala’s mustard sauce
  3. Corned beef, mustard sauce, cheese and pickle sandwiches
  4. Bangers and mash with broccoli and cheese sauce
  5. Steak and sauteed red cabbage. Chickpea salad (tomato, onion, broccoli) and baby potatoes
  6. Chorizo and prawn rice (see tomorrow’s post for my recipe)
  7. Potato salad with chorizo, pickles and soft boiled eggs
  8. Kumara and ham bone (slow cooker) soup with garlic butter toast
  9. Porridge with maple syrup and sliced banana
  10. Pancakes with banana, melted chocolate and berry syrup.
  11. Buttery pan-fried mushrooms with poached eggs on toast
  12. Tomatobasil and parmesan scones (biscuits)
  13. Wagon wheel pasta salad with ham and vegetables (whatever is left)

We’re headed out of town for a few days so not as many meals as usual. Fingers crossed we still eat everything in the box.


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