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Street Eats Auckland 2013


The Scene

Thousands of Hungry Hungry Hippos Aucklanders flocked to Street Eats at Shed 10, Queens Wharf, yesterday to gorge themselves with cheap and cheerful eats. Local cafes and restaurants offered a handful of dishes each priced mostly $5 to $10 and the atmosphere was festive despite the “shed” location. Matched with a tipple of your choice, it was a fun way to try a bunch of food on a budget.

Advertised as a family affair and appealing to the everyman, the crowds were larger than expected which was both a curse and a blessing. The event was advertised for 10am to 7pm but when my friend Coco and I arrived in the early afternoon some places had completely sold out. With the success of this inaugural event, it should mean many years of Street Eats to come. Street Eats is part of Auckland Restaurant month and more info can be found at:

The Eats

Even though we were low on cash, the EFTPOS line snaked back three days long so we decided to spend only the forty bucks that we had on hand. Luckily, a tight budget was no problem and actually a fun challenge.

We sampled 5 x $5 dishes between us for $25 plus a $6 beer each making it less than $20 per person. Staying pretty true to street food, we ate deep fried food, food on sticks and pizza.

Our $5 menu included:

  • Deep fried milk from Golden Emperor
  • Margherita pizza from Toto’s
  • Chicken satay from Thai Street
  • Prawn skewer and charcuterie skewer from FISH

We also sampled Silver Fern Farm’s lamb and yorkshire pud dish, gratis.

Everything we ate was made fresh and the crowds meant that nothing was left out for long. In fact, we noticed an audience growing in front of the Silver Fern Farms grill plate as the Lamb and yorkshire pud was being conjured up. Mouths were drooling and pupils dilating as hunks of NZ lamb were being sizzled to perfection and both the sound and smell gathered a crowd. By the time the food was ready, there were more people than servings.

Something New

As you know, I adore trying new things and while I didn’t spy anything new to me at Street Eats, I did see something that was not only new to Coco, but that I was sure she would love.

The Chinese treat of deep fried milk may sound strangely unappetising, but I can assure you that it is not. Deep fried fresh to order, this sweet treat can only be described as deep fried coconut custard. Just be careful when eating this because it starts off as molten lava but once cooled sufficiently, you’ll want to eat all of it and more. Coco’s reaction was “Where has this been all my life!?”.  It’s an excellent question. In a world where milk and deep frying are both so common, why isn’t everyone eating deep fried milk?

Tips for future Street Eats

The success of this event will surely mean more on the coming years. In the event of future events, here are my tips:

  • Bring cash
  • Bring an appetite
  • Go early
  • Park in the Viaduct $6 all day carpark or take public transport
  • Bring a friend

Did you go to Street Eats? Did you try anything delicious or new?


  1. Hooray! Food! says

    I love food events! The tips you share at the end of the post are great and (with the exception of the car park one) applicable to any event like this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We were thinking of going but the rain put us off. Pregnant me was a bit worried about finding a park close by, but we didn’t think about the Viaduct car park. Doh! Sounds like it was good fun.

    • Parking can be a nightmare this part of town. We spent a good 20 minutes trying to find a park. Wilson carparking was $20! Another option is the valet parking in Britomart. Valet parking sounds like overkill, but at $15 for 4 hours it sure beats the grotty Wilson parking for $20.

  3. Nice to be back reading your blog after a long holiday and it seems like I missed this one, I never knew this happened. Now I have to wait for next year

  4. We went too late and lots of places were sold out. Also the queues were huge. We ended up giving up (even though we paid to get cash out), and headed elsewhere… I love deep fried milk too. We order them every time we have yum cha at China restaurant. Good to see more places offering it!

    • OMG, just checked out Golden Emperor’s Restaurant Month offering. Their 3-course dinner is 1) deep fried wontons, 2) lemon chicken, and 3) deep fried milk pudding. I would not that call that the best introduction to Chinese food, much as I approve of the dessert.

      • You’re right, that 3 course meal is terribly devised.

        It reminds me of an “exotic” Chinese menu from 1989. Chinese food in Western countries has come such a long way. As great as these classic deep fried dishes are every now and then, I don’t think anyone really needs a 3 courses of deep fried food.

  5. We were there at 10am only to find that the correct time was 10.30am (I’m sure I read 10 somewhere??) so we spent half an hour in the Art Fair next door – pricy but very cool.
    When we back for food at 10.30am some of the vendors were still getting ready and the crowds were already gathering. Everything I tried was fab but I particularly loved the tandoori kebab, pulled pork sliders, prawn tacos. It was a great event and I hope there will be more 🙂

  6. We have plenty of street food festivals/events here in Los Angeles, but none of them serve deep fried milk!!! I must track it down and try it… it sounds amazing!

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