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3. Miss Clawdy

In celebration of Auckland Restaurant Month, throughout August I will be posting 31 quick-fire reviews on 31 restaurants and cafes in the Auckland CBD and city fringe.



The atmosphere is…
Casual, busy, well decorated, a little girly and comforting.

Come here for…
Southern food, cocktails and desserts.

The most interesting thing on the menu…

  • Green eggs
  • Oyster po boys

Unexpectedly wonderful…

  • Chargrilled baby kumara
  • Key lime pie and torched meringue
  • Coconut fried banana

I would come back to try…

  • Oyster po boys

Catering to…
Mostly Omnis. All pork and chicken is free range. Gluten free options. A few vegetarian dishes.

Expect to spend…
$20-40 per person

The service is…
Wonderful. We were kept well watered (and liquored) and our waiters remembered exactly who ordered which drinks.

Avoid if…
You don’t like bold flavours or sharing. Avoid if you are on a diet.

Auckland Restaurant Month special:

Courses include beef & goats cheese empanadas with a green Mexican pesto, a side of sautéed okra with chili, garlic, lemon and almonds and a banana doughboy sundae.

Miss Clawdy
12 Jellicoe Street, North Wharf
Open 7 days

miss-clawdy4miss-clawdy1 miss-clawdy2


  1. 3 out of 3 North American places so far. Would The Fed be next? 🙂

    We’ve had some good meals at Miss Clawdy, but also some average ones. Not sure if it was due to who was cooking that day or just the dishes we ordered.

    • Of course. I’ve always thought that our epic eating journey would be NYC for The Koala and NOLA for me. I wonder with all that great food, how you don’t weigh a ton? But then I sometimes wonder that about myself. 😀

      • This is not a humble brag, but I’m lucky that my metabolism is pretty good. I also don’t snack and my beverages are restricted to water, coffee, and hard liquor.
        Keeps the calories down 😉

        If you two come to visit, I guarantee you that I will fill out my fattest fat pants. Happily! 🙂

        • I suppose my metabolism is pretty good. I’ve had a few health issues this year but I’m back to the original weight that I was at the start of the year. I have the perfect fat pants. They’re so stretchy, there’s room for two! That’s just an observation, not an invitation.

          I’m pretty good with beverages too. I drink green tea and water all day. But I do like a couple of glasses of wine per week. Not the whole bottle though, hardly a problem.

          • I think both of us are pretty good about eating and drinking good things and keeping away from anything processed or nutritionally bereft. That being said, a girl should always have a reliable pair of fat pants 🙂

            Bring yours to the States and I’ll put mine on too!

            • My fat pants are actually those super stretchy saggy baggy harem type pants I bought in Thailand. I practically lived in them in Thailand.

              I always travel with a pair. I can even wear a plain black with a blazer for a more formal look 🙂

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