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22. The Fridge

In celebration of Auckland Restaurant Month, I will be posting 31 quick-fire reviews on 31 restaurants and cafes in the Auckland CBD and city fringe.


The atmosphere is…fridge-logo
A busy neighbourhood cafe. Small in front, walk down the stairs, through their humming kitchen to more seating downstairs and outside.

Come here for…
Pies. Really good pies in a range of flavours. Some lovely cabinet food and sweet treats.

The most interesting thing on the menu…

  • Beef & Guinness pie
  • Moroccan lamb pie
  • Steak & mozzarella pie

Unexpectedly wonderful…

  • Pies of course!
  • I am also addicted to their Chicken and bacon caesar wrap. The anchovy mayo is amazing.

I would come back to try…

  • All the pies.

Catering to…
Ominis and veges. Not much for gluten free diners but gluten free toast available on request.

Expect to spend…
$15-$30 per person

The service is…
At the counter, friendly and efficient. Kitchen and coffees a bit slow when they are busy. Best to stick to pies and cabinet food if you are hungry or in a hurry.

Avoid if…
Paying a premium for a pie offends you. Mixed reviews on their kitchen menu (I prefer to stick with the pies).

The Fridge
507 New North Road, Kingsland
Open 7 days

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