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23. Lot23

In celebration of Auckland Restaurant Month, I will be posting 31 quick-fire reviews on 31 restaurants and cafes in the Auckland CBD and city fringe.



The atmosphere is…LOT23-4001
Light and airy, though in a “hard to find, you’ll never find it if you didn’t know it was there” spot. A small covered outdoor area out front.

Come here for…
Amazing coffee and unusual cafe food.

The most interesting thing on the menu…
Island style raw fish with kumara crisps

Unexpectedly wonderful…
Mushroom Ragout

I would come back to try…
Island style raw fish with kumara crisps

Catering to…

Creatives mostly due to the other businesses in the building. Vegetarian options abound. Gluten free options might be available but not marked on menu.

Expect to spend…
$20-30 per person

The service is…
Friendly. At the counter.

Avoid if…
You need to be seen when you go out.

23 Minnie Street, Eden Terrace
Open Monday to Saturday

lot23-5  lot23-2 lot23-3


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