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26. Maldito Mendez

In celebration of Auckland Restaurant Month, I will be posting 31 quick-fire reviews on 31 restaurants and cafes in the Auckland CBD and city fringe.


The atmosphere is…maldito-logo
Strangely European for a South American/Latin spot.

Come here for…
Lots of small tasty snacks to be shared. Fresh food with bright flavours.

The most interesting thing on the menu…

  • Confit duck mole

Unexpectedly wonderful…

  • Tacos – they are not your average taco

I would come back to try…

  • Their ceviche

Catering to…
The Ponsonby crowd. Omnis and vegetarians. Vegetarian options unmarked. Vegan options available on request. Gluten free status unknown.

Expect to spend…
$30-$50 per person

The service is…
Good. Well oiled.

Avoid if…
You are on a budget. The dishes are small and you’ll probably want 2 or 3 dishes per person.

Maldito Mendez
Ponsonby Central, 4 Brown Street, Ponsonby, Auckland
Open 7 days

Maldito-Mendez-2 Maldito-Mendez-3 Maldito-Mendez-4


  1. asweetlifeatx says

    All these restaurants you are reviewing look delicious. Makes me want to visit Auckland.

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