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A Healthy Loaf


A basket of bread

When a basket of fresh bread arrived on our doorstep, The Koala happened to be home alone. He confessed to me later that he wondered if the bread was part of a blog giveaway and perhaps he shouldn’t eat the bread. But his inner bread fiend won and he went ahead and helped himself to the bread.

It’s a good thing that I was going to share the bread with him anyway. It’s also lucky that he didn’t eat all of it before I got home so I could snap a few pics.


Healthy Loafstyle

I was invited to try Bakers Delight’s Healthy Loafstyle range and share my thoughts. This range is packed with lots of healthy stuff like seeds, fruit and nuts, include benefits such as low GI, wholegrain and have no preservatives and every loaf is freshly baked that day. Bakers Delight is a bakery franchise that started in Melbourne and now has over 700 bakeries in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Over the last few years, bread has been portrayed as unhealthy food by various groups. There are bad breads and there are good breads. For those who are not gluten intolerant or allergic, the right bread can have good health benefits and help you to feel full and manage weight. It is safe to say that most people are unsure about whether bread is good or bad food and some people who try to eat healthier now avoid bread altogether. I was one of those people.

The Healthy Loafstyle range includes:

  • Hi-Fibre Lo-GI White – for sustained energy 
  • Chia Omega-3 – for a healthy mind
  • Cape Seed – for heart, mind and body
  • Wholemeal Country Grain – for weight management
  • Wholemeal Chia Block – for a healthy mind
  • Chia and fruit – for women’s wellbeing 

For more information on this range, please visit:

Taste testers

The Koala is a total bread addict and I don’t eat bread much. He prefers white bread with no texture, I like chunky breads with plenty of texture. With that in mind, here are our thoughts on what we tried from Bakers Delight’s Healthy Loafstyle range:

Cape Seed Loaf

  • First impressions: Heaps of seeds on the outer crust. A pretty though a little messy.
  • Flavour: The seeds on top are a mix of Sesame, Linseed, Sunflower, Poppy which taste wonderfully nutty, especially when toasted.
  • Texture: Lots of it.
  • Good with: sandwiches with savoury fillings. Amazing grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • My favourite.

Hi-Fibre Lo-GI Loaf

  • First impressions: Looks like your average white loaf (The Koala’s favourite kind of loaf)
  • Flavour: Great
  • Texture: Smooth and nondescript
  • Good with: white bread lovers.
  • The Koala’s favourite.


Chia & Fruit Loaf

  • First impressions: Lots of bits
  • Flavour: Yum
  • Texture: Crunchy and gooey
  • Good with: some time in the toaster and lashings of butter.
  • The rabbit highly approved of this loaf (he loves bread and he loves raisins, it would have been cruel not to permit him a tiny nibble).

Wholemeal Country Grain Block Loaf

  • First impressions: Somewhere between the super seeded loaves and the white loaf
  • Flavour: Mellow. Not too nutty.
  • Texture: A little of this a little of that.
  • Good with: sandwiches.
  • This would be a great compromise for our house.

The Healthy Loafstyle range is priced from $4.50 to $5.50, putting in the middle to high range. Great for those that eat a loaf or less a week. The Koala inhales bread and keeping him breaded up can be expensive if we were to buy middle to high range breads for him. For example, for today’s lunch, he has 3 sandwiches, that’s 6 slices of bread. With that in mind, I think this range is better suited for people like me, who eat bread occasionally and the prices reflect this.

I’m curious, do you eat bread? Do you avoid it (and for what reasons)?


Disclaimer: Products mentioned were provided free by Bakers Delight.

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I am Genie, a graphic designer/photographer obsessed with food and bunnies. I live in Whanganui, New Zealand with my husband, The Koala and our two rabbits, Kobe and Bento. I write about my hedonistic ways and I love the mantra "Eat well, travel often". I prefer not to write about myself in third person.


  1. Ruth Norman. says

    Hi, Oooooh that bread looks so yummy!!! I must get some today. I am making a cake for a girls birthday and the theme is “fear factor”. I wondered if you could tell me where I could buy some of those fried insects I see at overseas food markets please or can you suggest something scary to put on the cake. Cheers .

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