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Grilled Chi Sandwich

grilled chi

Right by my work at the top of Mt Eden Road is the hilariously named “Wang Mart” – a Korean grocery shop selling mostly Korean goods. Within the shop is a counter where a lady makes kim-chi all day and sells a small selection of fresh vegetables. A kilo tub of her kim-chi will set you back a measly $8NZ. I’m no kim-chi expert, but I know a bargain when I see one. 

Kim-chi is a fermented food (mostly napa cabbage) and as such is very good for you. I’ll snack on kim-chi on it’s own or as a condiment/side to Asian meals. It is sour, savoury, spicy all at the same time and makes me salivate just thinking about it. Think sauerkraut with a kick.

I don’t know what inspired me to do it, but yesterday I made a grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar and kim-chi. It was phenomenal. Oh the CRUNCH, the SOUR, the SALT, the HEAT.

So good I had it again for breakfast this morning.

Now I’m sure the white bread and cheese probably cancel out the health benefits of the kim-chi but let’s just say we’re back to zero. At least this zero is delicious.

I hopped online to see kim-chi and cheese was “a thing” and it turns out I didn’t invent this combo. Not even close. Grilled Cheese and Kim-Chi sandwich recipes have been published by The NZ Herald (Donna Hay), Serious Eats, The Food Network, The Times, and The Steamy Kitchen just to name a few.

Variations include mozzarella, mayo, bacon, green apple, spring onion and even ramen! I imagine a fried egg would also be a nice touch.

This time, I’m not posting a recipe because I think free-styling is the best option for sandwiches. Besides, I’m sure smart peeps like you could figure it out.

Fun fact: Koreans say “kim-chi” instead of “cheese” when having their picture taken. Now they can say “Kim-Cheese!”

What do you think? Is this sandwich combo weird to you? Would you try it?



Edit: I tried this again with additions of mayo and a fried egg. Epic!


  1. I will so be trying that. Sounds weird at first but then pickles and chutneys are great in a toasted cheese sandwich so maybe it’s not so cray cray! (As all the young kids say.)

  2. Brynne says

    I do like kimchi and never thought to do this before. I like eating grilled cheese with yellow mustard or pickles or salt & vinegar potato chips so this sounds awesome.

  3. Ah, so this is the sandwich you told me of many moons ago… or was that someone else in blogland? I think it was you… anyway, i have a pile of kimchi that has grilled chi sandwich written all over it! 🙂

    • Kim-chi should be gluten free (double check the ingredients to make sure) so all you need is gluten free bread which is easy to come by these days. I even keep some in my freezer 🙂

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