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Tasty questions with Alessandra Zecchini

Alessandra Zecchini is one of Auckland’s longest standing eatood bloggers, emerging mid 2008 and still regularly updated. Alessandra writes about baking and desserts, Italian cuisine, vegetarian/vegan recipes and travel. As a recipe developer, food stylist and writer, she writes for 6 blogs, regularly contributes to food magazines and has written 3 cookbooks.
Below are her answers to the tasty questions I cooked up for your enjoyment.

Describe your blog:

This was my first blog, so it is a bit of a mixture: recipes, travel photos, some news. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to blog these days, but it is fun to do, and I am a happy blogger. I also list just recipes in three more blogs (links below): Only Recipes for Vegetarian and Vegan recipes. Vegan Recipes, only Vegan Recipes, and Cooking with flowers: flower recipes.

What is the most popular post on your blog?

Asparagus and onion weed-soup with 302300 page views to date.

Name your favourite comfort food:

Crescentine, the traditional food from my village.

What did you have for breakfast?

Soy latte – I don’t eat breakfast, I just need coffee, or two!

What is the most delicious thing you’ve eaten this week?

What is an underrated ingredient?

Flowers, they are more than decorations. Elderberry Flower fritters pictured.

What are 3 sources of inspiration to you?

My home country (Italy), the seasons for fresh produce and foraging, and on the web: Pinterest.

Favourite Auckland restaurant?

These days I really like to go and have pizza at Settebello.

…and your favourite dish there?

Margherita with rucola (rocket).

There’s a potluck dinner tomorrow night, what are you bringing?

Usually everybody ask me to bring dessert…

What is your most memorable meal?

My next meal, I am always thinking about it.

An Auckland eatery that is on your wishlist?

Anywhere with a generous Vegetarian menu. Suggestions?

Check out Alessandra Zecchini here or one of her other blogs:

Images used with permission from Alessandra Zecchini.


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