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Bunny Eats Design turns 5 – Cheese and Chocolate giveaway


Bunny Eats Design turns 5 this month and at my birthday, I like to serve cheese and chocolate.

Thanks to Whitestone Cheese and Wellington Chocolate Factory, I have some of their latest products to give away for my blog birthday celebrations. To enter, just fill in the form at the bottom of this post including a skill question (the answer which can be found here). Due to the logistics of sending cheese, this competition is open to New Zealand residents only. Sorry guys!

This prize includes:

  • Whitestone Cheese Ferry Road Halloumi
  • Whitestone Cheese Lindis Pass Camembert
  • Wellington Chocolate Factory Peanut Butter Bar
  • Wellington Chocolate Factory Great War Bar

Whitestone Cheese

Whitestone Cheese is based in Oamaru which is roughly between Dunedin and Timaru. Originally a family farm that diversified into cheese making, the farm has since been sold and now they just make cheese. With a factory, viewing room, deli and shop, Whitestone has over 50 staff and their cheese are available in supermarkets, delis and specialty stores across New Zealand.

Check out the FAQ section of their website where you can find the answers to questions such as “When is a cheese best (or best before)?”, “What is the difference between brie and camembert?” as well as tips on how to taste cheese. If fancy yourself a bit of a cheese connoisseur and not just a cheese addict, the tasting tips might help you appear more sophisticated.

The newest cheeses in the Whitestone family are the Ferry Road Halloumi and the Lindis Pass Camembert.


Lindis Pass Camembert is the latest product in the Whitestone Cheese range and is a smaller version of their Lindis Pass Brie which was dubbed “New Zealand’s greatest ever cheese”  by Michelin Star Chef Josh Emmet. The curd is hand ladled by their cheesemakers creating a lovely flowing texture when ripe. If you like your camembert flowing, forget about this one in the fridge for a little while for best effect.

Lindis Pass Brie is a whopping 1.5kg and available only at specialist cheese shops. The release of the smaller Lindis Pass Camembert 150g means that we can now enjoy this cheese at home (although 1.5kg of cheese sounds like a delicious challenge for the average cheese lover).

Lindis Pass Camembert is scheduled for release this week.


Ferry Road Halloumi is “Brined with a firm texture that holds its body when cooked. Best enjoyed pan fried with a squeeze of lemon”.

Wellington Chocolate Factory

Organic and ethically trading Wellington Chocolate Factory have won the hearts of chocolate and art lovers across the country. Each of their unique chocolate flavours features a beautiful design by some of New Zealand’s finest artists.

The Great War Bar is commemorative and based on the ANZAC biscuit and features artwork by Auckland based artist Tanja Jade Thompson a.k.a. Misery and Inject Design.

Their newest bar, the Peanut Butter Bar is dark chocolate filled with Fix & Fogg peanut butter and freeze dried raspberries. Fix and Fogg are a peanut butter company in Wellington making and delivering small batches of peanut butter. This packaging is also done by Inject Design and illustration is by Wellington designer Holly Rose Worthington for Inject Design.


WCF buy directly from the cocoa farmer and often leave the farmers better off. It’s heartwarming to see what good they have been doing for farming communities, such as a recent fundraising effort for a drying machine to dry the beans for export.

The Wellington Chocolate Voyage

At the end of July, WCF sailed to Bougainville to collect a tonne of cocoa beans. The Wellington Chocolate Voyage is the product of a Kickstarter campaign which hopes to support and help rebuild Bougainville who are still recovering from a 10 year civil war.

They are now returning to Wellington via the Solomon Islands with their bounty of cocoa beans. Estimated time of arrival back in Wellington is mid October. This will be the first sailed shipment of cocoa beans in over 50 years, and all of it will be turned into delicious chocolate. How’s that for effort? Follow their adventures on their WordPress blog here.

Terms and Conditions

  • One entry per person
  • This competition is open to New Zealand residents only
  • Prize may not be exchanged for cash
  • Entries close Tuesday 13 October 2015 and winner will be drawn Wednesday 14 October 2015, contacted by email and announced here and on Facebook.
  • It is the responsibility of the winner to supply their postal address in a timely manner to Bunny Eats Design.

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  1. Sadly not a resident but just got back from visiting family in Christchurch and stuffed my face with many a Whitestone cheese. 😊

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