Tofu Tuesday
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Tofu Tuesday: Gourmet


Here’s Tofu’s dinner from the other night:

  • Parsley – a natural remedy for urinary tract infections, diuretic
  • Corn silk – a natural remedy for urinary disorders, anti-inflam, diuretic
  • Coriander (cilantro) – anti-bacterial
  • Cucumber – high water content
  • Broccoli – Vitamin C

Also pictured are carrot peel and false dandelion flowers.

The plate is Bayley & Collis, a collaboration between chef Ben Bayley (The Grove, MKR) and Collis Studio.

On Saturday, Tofu had a re-visit with the vet to make sure he was on track. Unfortunately, Tofu hadn’t eaten or drank much the morning of the visit so there wasn’t much for the vet to check. I must remember to give Tofu a big breakfast and plenty to drink before our next vet visit this Saturday.

Tofu has lost 80 grams this week, probably due to pellets being cut completely. He should lose around 200 grams to be his ideal weight so I’m not too concerned about the weight loss and diet change.

To help flush Tofu’s bladder and keep it free of bladder sludge, I have been syringe feeding him water. I read up online about ways to encourage rabbits to drink. Both apple and cranberry were been mentioned. I first tried water infused with a slice of apple and Tofu was enthusiastic. This week I’m feeding cranberry infused water: 3 ml cranberry per 30 ml water. Cranberry is known to relieve urinary tract infections (in humans) so it has the benefit of both flavour and medicinal use. I couldn’t find pure cranberry juice but hopefully the sugar free stuff is the next best thing.

With the apple or cranberry infused water, Tofu is now drinking between 40-60 mls of water a day. He is peeing a lot, and his undercarriage is still looking good due to him getting a shave to keep things clean. Grooming cost $130 which seems like a lot but I think it’s pretty standard. It would be good to keep up with the grooming, we’ll see how quickly it grows back.

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