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#WineIsComing – A double pass giveaway


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There are people who like drinking wine and having fun.

Are you one of those people?

If so, keep reading.

I was a late convert to Game of Thrones but I now watch it religiously. The season finale of Season 6 is in 3 days and it will be long, loooong wait until the next season in 2017.

But wait! There’s more! Next Saturday, while the season finale of GoT is still warm, Auckland is getting a very special event called Game of Rhones.


Not affiliated in any way with GoT, Game of Rhones is a big deal in Australia, where it began…Where Dan Sims, the founder started it as a bit of a joke, but then more seriously and rather quickly expanded into Game of Rhones events in 7 cities in Australia and New Zealand. Where people drink wine and are encouraged to channel their favourite GoT character.

I’ve included some photos I took of Auckland’s 2015 event but check out their Facebook album to get the full effect of all the events. It’s really something.


The wine

An event that prides themselves on fun-first, facts-second there will be wine producers from France (Rhone Valley), Australia and New Zealand. Some of my favourite NZ wineries including Man O’War, Elephant Hill, Villa Maria will be there, battling out to become the supreme ruler…of the 7 kingdoms…or something like that.

Choose your wine based on region…or best dressed. Whatever you like. Try new wines or go back to your favourites and of course with all these events, take advantage of show specials.


Last year, Khaleesi was looking fabulous. There was a John Snow with a well practiced smoulder. The Wildlings pouring Man O’War really got into character but really, all the costumes were amazing.


The low down

Game of Rhones is a fun event for people who enjoy wine, but aren’t wine snobs. Like you. Like me. For $60 you receive a Plumm Vintage RedA glass (worth $35), entry to the event and all your wine tastings. Yes, that’s right, you don’t pay for individual tastings. Tastings are unlimited. Well, we never found the limit anyway. No more fiddling around with tokens. It’s all included in the $60 ticket price. Just bring a few pennies if you want a meal. Trust me. You will.

Note: This year they have introduced the Royal Pass for $85 with entry from 11am.

Dress up is completely voluntary, but it’s awfully fun if you do. My friend and I dressed up for Game of Rhones last year and it a little awks to begin with but ended up being super fun.


The food

The food at Game of Rhones last year was by Bird on a Wire. It was so good last year, we had one each and then went back for seconds. Yes we did.

And then I begged the chef for the recipe. So I could share it with you.

Which he obliged.

That dish was called Reek’s Lament. There’s no mention of Reek on the menu this year but there is a dish with the words Theon and chorizo in it. Poor Theon. Let’s not speak of Reek ever again.

If you were ever under the assumption that Bird on a Wire are only good for their free range chicken and colourful salads, you’d be wrong.

Today I photographed (and then ate) two dishes from their GoT themed menu and my word, they were good. Here’s what I tried:

bird-gor-009  bird-gor-063

The GoT inspired menu features grazing dishes and hearty mains ranging from $9 to $14 each. Vegetarians options available.

Giveaway: double pass to Game of Rhones

Thanks to Bottleshop Concepts I have a double pass to Game of Rhones Auckland to give away (value $120).

To enter, simply complete the entry form below including a skill question (answer to question can be found here).

Terms and conditions

  • 1 entry per person.
  • Prize includes entry for two people for to Game of Rhones, Auckland on 2 July 2016.
  • You and your guest must be 18 years old or over to claim this prize. ID may be required. Alcohol will not be served to minors.
  • It is the responsibility of the prize winner to redeem their prize.
  • Prize may not be exchanged for cash.
  • Entries close midnight Tuesday 28 June 2016. Winner will be drawn on Wednesday 29 June 2016. Winner will be contacted by email, announced here and on Facebook. Should the winner not be contactable within 24 hours, a new winner will be drawn.

Competition is now closed. See who the winner was here.

For more information about the event including ticket purchase, visit their website here.





      • Haha ok for the wine, but I can hardly picture myself dressing up like a Sansa Stark or a Jaime Lannister all by myself in the middle of my living room, and my husband watching this crazy spectacle and laughing his ass off, hahaha!

        • Oh no, I wouldn’t be anyone in Westeros. I’m thinking more Wildlings or Night’s Watch. Leather and fur. Maybe husband would be keen? 😀

          • You’re thinking leather and fur because winter is coming in NZ, but i’m in the Northern hemisphere and right now there’s not a chance I wear fur!!!

            • Winter is coming! Wine is coming! Yeah, Game of Thrones dress up is better for winter. Especially the fashion worn in the North. Maybe you could go for a Dothraki Khaleesi?

            • Good idea, I’ll just have to run for a blonde wig then! Enjoy the event, it sounds really cool !

  1. How awesome does that sound! Can you convince them to do a do-over here in Los Angeles?? I would so be there! Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely trying some version of these recipes.

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