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YouTube round up

Here are some videos of my favourite foodies on Youtube guaranteed brighten your day. Too cute! Too clever. Too greedy! Too well behaved. I hope you enjoyed these foodie videos as much I do. Please share your favourite foodie videos in the comments below!


Happy Turkey Day my American friends! Any day to tuck into a big feast and wear one of my many pairs of stretchy pants is a day I’m interested in celebrating. If you have seen the internet before, you may be familiar with the “Hey Girl Ryan Gosling” meme where love struck fan girls write ridiculously over the top feminist quotes next to photos of the actor. As if boyfriends and husbands didn’t hate him enough. This one is reblogged from Hipster Ryan Gosling. Apparently, hipsters inherently know how to eat.


I loved the 7 baby beetroot we received last week in our CSA box. The colour was glorious and the flavour intensely sweet after cooking. I grated a couple of beetroot with carrot for a balsamic vinegar salad and roasted them chicken and again for a roast vegetable pasta. Roasted beetroot is by far my favourite way of eating beetroot but I almost had kittens the next day! Consider this a public health warning.

I’m not overweight

I recently discovered I am overweight according to an online BMI calculator. I figured I’d make some art about it, so this is a nod to 2 of my favourite typography based designers in the world: Marian Bantjes and Jessica Hische. Click on the image for a larger view. I’m not overweight, I have a food blog