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Shared meals and late nights

With a new month, comes a new round up of Our Growing Edge. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, December’s host is Leah from Sharing The Food We Love. While there is never a theme for the event, it was a delight to see many dishes inspired by French cuisine. I guess French cooking is way, way up on bucket lists. The submission list was small but deliciously formed. Read the round up here. More/Less I’m sure I wasn’t the only busy person last month and I hope you all had safe a delicious holiday season. The Koala and I are home after a holiday out in the countryside at on a friend’s farm. Friends old and new, delicious shared meals three times a day and plenty of laughing, chewing the fat and imbibing with friends, some of which we hadn’t seen in years. I had an epiphany. I don’t enjoy cooking at home for groups (it stresses me out), but cooking on holiday is fun. It’s spontaneous and low key. Everyone pitches in a bit of this …

2014 Manifesto

Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to a clean slate. New Years celebrations has always been a big deal to me. It doesn’t matter where or what I do to mark the occasion, as long as I mark the occasion. In 2012 I wrote this list of More and Less. Five things to do more of and Five things to do less of. Kind of a New Year’s resolution without the strict goal setting or bucket list stress. This year, I’m calling it my manifesto. A declaration of motives to live by for 2014. Maybe you see things on this list that you hope to do more or less of too. Do you have any things in 2014 that you hope to see more or less of?