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Pinot Pinball at Pinot Palooza

My friend Miss A and I attended the first Auckland Pinot Palooza on Saturday at Shed 10. This celebration of pinot noir is aimed specifically at wine drinkers rather than wine snobs. There was very little else aside from pinot noir so it was eye-opening to try pinot noir from different climates and vintages all one after the other. Pinot Palooza has been running in Australia for 5 years and has a cult following of feel good wine drinking over there. With over 60 pinot noir producers on site, each offering an average of 3 bottles each, there was no way we would get through them all. Not even close and especially since we weren’t spitting. Sauvignon Blanc are the number one planting in our vineyards taking a massive 72% of our production but Pinot Noir is (a very distant but growing) second with 8% of NZ wine production (Source: NZ Wine). After starting with a couple of wines from Wine Australia followed by Framingham in Marlborough, we quickly devised our plan of action which …

Game of Rhones – double pass winner

With special thanks to Game of Rhones I am pleased to announce the winner for the double pass to this Saturday’s Auckland event (worth $120). Drawn by the winner is… **drum roll please!** Emma Tan Congratulations Emma, I hope you and your friend enjoy the event! All wine tastings are included, just bring money for food and take home bottles if that’s your thing. To keep up with giveaways and announcements, make sure you follow my Facebook page here.

Monday Bunday: Lepus Australis

An old friend of mine living in Australia  shared news of this recent exhibition with me. Kind of a amazing and mind blowing if you like rabbits and art. I dunno, maybe you get a rabbity-arty vibe off me? Lepus Australis was an art exhibition celebrating domestic bunnies in Australia. 1000 origami bunnies was showcased along with art from 40 Australian artists at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne. All those origimi rabbits. I kind of wish I had thought of origami rabbits for our wedding. That would have been way cooler than the lame origami cranes I folded for months. “Lepus Australis aims to remember the lives of the beautiful bunnies lost to myxomatosis and highlight the need for a myxo vaccine in Australia.” Please visit their tumblr site for more information including a full list of artists and links.

Monday Bunday: Cat Rabbit makes me yook-gun

There is a phrase in Cantonese that we don’t have in English, called yook-gun which literally translates to meat tight. It refers to the feeling you get when you see something so adorable or whimsical and your muscles tense up and you get super aggressive. A great example of this is in the animated movie Despicable Me when Agnes gets her unicorn toy. It’s soooo fluffy I’m going to DIE!!! Cat Rabbit makes me yook-gun. Cat Rabbit turns me into Agnes. I am in love with these hipster rabbits. Look at their spectacles. Look at their eye capsules. Look at their indignant little mouths. Look at their pulled up socks. Look at their collars and bow ties and scarves and capes. The detail makes me want to burst into tears. They are the best in the world and it physically breaks my heart to look at these too long. Melbourne based textile-artist Cat-Rabbit has an amazing collection of plush personalities (not just rabbits). Please check out her website for more fantastic beings. She also sells her toys …