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What’s In My Bag?

A lady’s bag can be a scary place. Most guys I know wouldn’t dare look into a lady’s bag, preferring instead, to pass the bag to it’s owner for her to rummage through if he wants something from it. My bag is a private space. I only let my closest friends poke through my bag and only with prior permission. When I read about the “What’s In My Bag?” bloggers’ colab, my immediate thought was “Oh gawd, what IS in my bag?”. Funny enough, I have owned this bag for just over 24 hours. I haven’t had time to mess it up. What’s In My Bag? Bag Riot bag in red leather from Oh My Bag Entertainment iPad 2 with Yoobao red leather case Wallet Red leather wallet from Citta Design Drawings and Ideas Notebook from Zomato Camera Nikon DLSR Phone Galaxy S4 mini with white flip case Flash drive The Flash 8GB Sunnies Alex Perry Skin emergencies Lucas Paw Paw Ointment Colour Lip and Cheek Stain from The Body Shop It appears that I kinda like the colour red. OK, fine, I might have …

Lovely Leather: Mabel&Lou

An update to my post last week on leather love, I just picked up a sweet leather satchel off Trademe. It’s a Mabel&Lou bag in a style I suspect is a few seasons old. It’s has a tooled/stamped pattern in the leather and a gorgeous lining in patterned purple fabric. The bag is pre-loved but in great condition and guess what? It may look small but it’s large enough to fit my iPad and deep enough to fit my SLR camera at the same time. My issues with not enough compartments has been completely solved. It has 7 compartments. That’s more than I know what to do with. I’m a meat-eating, leather-wearing animal lover. It my sound like a contradiction, but it’s not. Pre-loved leather is really the ideal for me. If I can give this bag a second life, better than it being forgotten in a wardrobe somewhere or destined for landfill.

Local Leather Love

A lady’s bag is an important item. I can’t stand bucket type bags with no pockets, especially having to rummage through a mountain of stuff when my phone is ringing. I love a bag that has plenty of pockets or compartments, even if I forget which one I put my phone in. My last bag purchase was a cute tan satchel that cost less than $20 on Trademe but also lasted less than 20 days. It wasn’t leather and the weak “faux leather” was just not worth fixing. Getting it fixed would cost the same amount as purchase. It was not a strong or a reliable bag. Once it broke, it needed to be carried around like a giant clutch. My bag before that was fabric and I finally retired it after 4 years of continuous duty. By the time I was done, the fabric was covered in lint and the lining inside torn to shreds. I had sewn it up many times (by my shoddy hand) and given it new buttons to make it extra …