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Local Leather Love

A lady’s bag is an important item. I can’t stand bucket type bags with no pockets, especially having to rummage through a mountain of stuff when my phone is ringing. I love a bag that has plenty of pockets or compartments, even if I forget which one I put my phone in.

My last bag purchase was a cute tan satchel that cost less than $20 on Trademe but also lasted less than 20 days. It wasn’t leather and the weak “faux leather” was just not worth fixing. Getting it fixed would cost the same amount as purchase. It was not a strong or a reliable bag. Once it broke, it needed to be carried around like a giant clutch.

My bag before that was fabric and I finally retired it after 4 years of continuous duty. By the time I was done, the fabric was covered in lint and the lining inside torn to shreds. I had sewn it up many times (by my shoddy hand) and given it new buttons to make it extra secure. It was the perfect size and featured 3 outer compartments. It was a well loved bag.

I’m not a bag slut but am pretty monogamous with bags. I use one bag at a time so I’m trying to talk myself into splurging a little when I finally find the perfect bag. A 4 or 5 year bag is worth a little investment.

I have 2 requirements:

  • At least 1 outer compartment
  • Genuine leather

Everyone loves a bargain, but bargain and cheap are two different things. It’s time I invested in a good quality leather bag. I love the idea of buying local-made where possible either Australasia, New Zealand or Auckland. If we don’t support our local businesses, who will?

Here are some leather bags I am currently in lust with. Once I started looking, I couldn’t stop. This is quite an extensive list for someone who has monogamous relationships with bags. Is this how people feel after breaking up from a long relationship?

Most of these are designed and made right here in New Zealand and prices are listed where available.

McTavish & Co

Brand new company making leather bags by hand in Ponsonby, Auckland. I love all their bags.

Visit their website at

McTavish & Co bags

McTavish & Co bag

McTavish & Co Satchel

McTavish & Co Sarah Satchels in 2 sizes


Kiwi brand Saben has been around for over a decade and their gorgeous bags just keep coming. I am completely in love with the Freya bag. A sweet mix of cute and practical. And the colours! Oh my Buddha! The colours!

Visit their website at

Saben’s Freya in Yellow $420NZ

Saben’s Freya in Blue $420NZ

Saben’s Freya in Brick $420NZ

Saben’s Madison in Red/Brick $409NZ

Saben’s Madison in Taupe/Tan $409NZ

Saben’s Madison in Tan/Black $409NZ

Saben’s Blake in Brick $409NZ

Rodd & Gunn

Rodd & Gunn always had a remarkably well fit out store. Its no wonder their bags also say old timey luxury.

Visit their website at

Rodd & Gunn Briefcase $1099NZ

On & On

New Zealand designed and made brand On & On make quality clothes and accessories for the well dressed but casual urban man.

Visit their website at

On & On Leather Laptop Bag $1399NZ

Soul Shoes

Soul Shoes are made in Raglan and all their products are leather. They also make a bags and belts on the side.

Visit their website at

Soul Shoes School Satchel $185NZ

Deadly Ponies

New Zealand company Deadly Ponies design and make exquisite bags from deer and cow leather. They have quite a large range for a New Zealand bag company and their bags come in a lovely range of colours.

Visit their website at

Deadly Ponies Mr Chain Mail Silt $565NZ


Ketz-ke are a clothing label by New Zealand designer Jenny Drury has been operating since 2006 and feature good looking every day bags with a twist.

Visit their website at

Ketz-Ke Farrow bag

Ketz-Ke Lucy bag

Ketz-Ke Portabello bag


The great thing about Overland is that it is everywhere. Their products are generally well made, although I’ve found that sometimes you need to take a bit extra care with them first – such as re-soling a pair of brand new pumps. The bad thing about them being everywhere is that your bag may be worn by many other ladies. This might be an issue for some. Still, this red leather satchel is undeniably adorable.

Visit their website at

Overland Pammy Red $249.90NZ

Nancy Bird

Nancy Bird are actually an Australian company from Melbourne. Their leather and canvas bags are unique and beautifully made. Nancy Bird have stockist in New Zealand in off the beaten track spots like Porirua, Timaru, Raglan, Invercargill and Wanaka but none in Auckland.

Visit their website at

Nancy Bird’s Marlon Bag in Charcoal $295AUD

Nancy Bird’s Marlon Bag in Red $235AUD

Nancy Bird’s George Bag in Red $255AUD


Etiquette Handbags and Wallets are also from Melbourne, Australia and deliver their bags worldwide.

Visit their website at

Etiquette’s Jessica Whiskey bag $189.50AUD


So there you have it. A pretty comprehensive round up of local leather bags that I lust. Are there any bags that I missed?

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I am Genie, a graphic designer/photographer obsessed with food and bunnies. I live in Whanganui, New Zealand with my husband, The Koala and our two rabbits, Kobe and Bento. I write about my hedonistic ways and I love the mantra "Eat well, travel often". I prefer not to write about myself in third person.


  1. I hate to throw a spanner in the budget, but really, a girl needs a practical, every day type bag, and a ‘hey, it’s the weekend’ type bag…….Obviously, you need a satchel and the Freya in yellow.

    • I dream about the Freya in yellow. I turn into one of those girls checking out her bag in mirrors or any reflective surface. So maybe you are right D, just save that kind of behavior for the weekend.

  2. Keebly says

    I love the Saben’s Madison, the Freya in yellow (as well!) and Nancy Bird’s Marlin in charcoal. Lovely!!

  3. I love them all! The McTavish and Co. ones? Swoon-worthy. I wonder if there is a place that has them over here . . . my birthday is coming up!

    • McTavish are a tiny company and I don’t think they have started stocking overseas yet. But you can contact them via their Facebook page and organise a custom made piece. Now that is a hellova birthday present!

  4. I am the same. I can’t be bothered changing over bags. At the moment, my bag is a stereo look a like. It is cute and fun but so bad to find stuff in. !

    • Now now I’ve got a big bucket of a bag too. I just bought a new bag online though. It’s second hand so I got a bargain. Fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow. It has 3 outer compartments!

  5. Many thanks for doing the research for me. I searched the web trying to find locally-made leather laptop bags for my husband’s birthday and your blog has been the most helpful. Brought me to the Saben site which I think has just the answer – a Dexter. Love the name!

  6. Lisa Kramlinger-Lee says

    Hello there,

    I need some advice:

    I have a perfectly designed (for my needs) PLEATHER/PVC bag that I found at an op shop and it’s beginning to peel. The thing is, I would DIE for it if I could get it transformed into a leather and cowhide version. … Does anyone know a company or person who could take this bag from me and duplicate it as a high quality, bespoke piece?

    Cheers and thanks!

  7. Lisa Kramlinger-Lee says

    Oh, sorry…. I forgot to mention that I’m up for an overseas or Kiwi company. I know there are some good services in some other countries, such as Bali or Thailand, … but I would want some advice as to who would be reliable and do a good job.

    • Sorry, I don’t know of anyone doing this kind of thing but best would be take the bag to someone who works with leather. Even a cobbler may be able to recreate the design.

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