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Bunny Eats Design at Ang Sarap

When Raymund from Ang Sarap invited me to write a guest post for him, first I felt honoured and then a little petrified. What could I possibly write that he hadn’t already covered? Raymund is an accomplished home cook right here in Auckland, New Zealand and has a huge following. His posts are frequent and expert and always with gorgeous photos. He cooks many kinds of Asian dishes and makes challenging ingredients accessible. I wanted to cook something original and inspired by Cantonese cuisine but relevant to what I like to eat. I considered a few things but in the end went with something I’m comfortable cooking with a new twist. Visit Ang Sarap for my write and and recipe for Pork and Apple Wontons with Balsamic Reduction.  

Halloumi with Balsamic Reduction

There is an almost unbearable smugness that comes with frying up a piece of home made halloumi. It might be a bit of work, but the satisfaction and the cheese is completely worth the journey. A couple of weekends ago, I roped in my best friend Coco into a day of cheese making. She is more adventurous than I when it comes to cheese, but we have a mutual love of squeaky cheese or halloumi. As a virgin cheesemaker, I didn’t have a single specialty item I needed to make cheese, so instead of buying each new item on it’s own, I opted for the easy way out and bought a Mad Millie Fresh Cheese kit. There are several kits available, but for me, the fresh cheese kit meant quick results so fresh cheese it was. The fresh cheese kit also makes feta, quark, cottage cheese, cream cheese and ricotta. It’s not cheap at $70NZ but the items soon add up when bought individually and at least I knew I have all required pieces. The …