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Tofu Tuesday: A slice of sunshine

Auckland has been experiencing power outages all over the city. Yesterday at work, the power went out in the afternoon so I skipped off home. It’s lovely to be home when I’m supposed to be working, though I still managed to get plenty of work done from home. In the late afternoon, a glorious slice of sunshine passes over our bed. Here is a photo of Tofu enjoying that slice of sunshine while grooming himself. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday. p.s. Tofu’s eye infection is clearing up with use of antibiotics and we’re off to the vet again this morning to check that it’s completely healed. Thanks for all your thoughts this week!

Tofu Tuesday: King size bed

Tofu has been sleeping on our bed lately. He comes into our room sometime between midnight and dawn, long after we’ve gone to bed. I guess that is when the temperature drops. He sleeps on top of our blankets, snuggled between our feet. In the morning, he can be found perfectly positioned on that patch of blanket directly on top of a hot water bottle, enjoying the residual heat through 2 layers of blanket. He dozes there for hours while I get up, work out, shower, dress, pack my lunch, check what’s new with the internet etc. He usually hops off the bed (in search for food) by the time I leave for work. Life is pretty sweet. In winter, if a rabbit has the choice, he would choose to snuggle with a hot water bottle and/or between his humans. It makes me wonder how pet rabbits who live their entire lives in outdoor hutches can survive even our mild Auckland winters? It doesn’t snow in Auckland, but it can get close to 0°C at night yet house …