Tofu Tuesday
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Tofu Tuesday: King size bed


Tofu has been sleeping on our bed lately.

He comes into our room sometime between midnight and dawn, long after we’ve gone to bed. I guess that is when the temperature drops. He sleeps on top of our blankets, snuggled between our feet.

In the morning, he can be found perfectly positioned on that patch of blanket directly on top of a hot water bottle, enjoying the residual heat through 2 layers of blanket. He dozes there for hours while I get up, work out, shower, dress, pack my lunch, check what’s new with the internet etc. He usually hops off the bed (in search for food) by the time I leave for work. Life is pretty sweet.

In winter, if a rabbit has the choice, he would choose to snuggle with a hot water bottle and/or between his humans.

It makes me wonder how pet rabbits who live their entire lives in outdoor hutches can survive even our mild Auckland winters? It doesn’t snow in Auckland, but it can get close to 0°C at night yet house rabbits are relatively uncommon. Yes, bunnies adapt but is that how cold they want to be? Bunnies in the wild live in burrows with narrow entrances that keep warmth in. Most hutches have no insulation and have gaps or netting which do not keep wind out or warmth in. If you have an outdoor bunny, please consider bringing him or her inside over winter.

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  1. How sweet! We couldn’t have Dustie sleep with us because she’d bug us for cuddles all night. My previous bunny, Spunkie would come in occasionally and curl up in a little ball snuggling her nose under my chin. Sometimes I’d wake up and she’d be ‘kissing’ me. Spunkie was not a cuddler, so it was very special.

    • Cute! Spunkie sounds very sweet. I think we bug Tofu for cuddles more than he bugs us for them! I think the fact that he chooses to sleep at our feet says “I’m here, but don’t bother me”. In the morning, I sometimes scoop him up for some face time.

  2. Obviously Tofu is much more courteous than our cats who similarly come to sleep in the bed but then at 5 a.m. or so decide to start knocking over lamps and picture frames and such. (Nice crown.)

    • It’s quite easy. All the cords in our bedroom are behind the 2 bedside tables and behind the dressing table. All cords in our house are behind heavy furniture or on top of tables. Not a single cord in bunny reach. The only things he does have access to in our bedroom are the cardboard boxes under the bed, but these can easily be replaced.

  3. Content Catnip says

    Was wondering, how hard is it to have an indoor bunny, easier than cats? do they shit on the floor?

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