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Beer battered oyster sliders

This post was made possible thanks to the good folks at Stella Artois.  Dear friends, we are living in the future. Right now, I can prod at my phone and summon a dozen cold Stella Artois and a dozen freshly shucked oysters to be delivered to my doorstep. The future is awesome. Beer and oysters are a stunning couple. These oysters come from Te Kouma Bay in the Coromandel and are shucked the morning of delivery. Available in Auckland, only on Fridays until the end of June. Find out how to summon your own tasty dozen by visiting the LK website here. Would also make a great birthday gift or a classy work shout. Inspired by this lovely beer and oyster pairing, I made these epic beer battered oyster sliders with special sauce. I’ve used brioche slider buns here because they are very soft and a little sweet, contrasting beautifully with the crispy battered oyster. The special sauce is a must for any burger lover. I love this sauce and the human guinea pigs that …

Monday Bunday: Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale

I’m quite fond of the branding for Shiner’s Wild Hare Pale Ale. The copy was clearly written by advanced lagomorph experts. Lepus texianus hopus aleicus STYLE: Classic American Pale Ale  ABV: 5.5%  IBU: 32 A mature individual stands 9.5 inches tall and weighs 12.0001 ounces. Renowned for its assertive temperament and hoppy characteristics. It has a distinguished heritage, being the product of high alpha Bravo and U.S. Golding hops, as well as two-row barley malt with a blend of Munich and caramel malts. Note the Wild Hare’s handsome red pelt and distinctive neck band, which helps distinguish it from others out in the wild. The beer enthusiast is its only known predator. More info on their website here:     

Monday Bunday: Schipper’s Beer

    Schipper’s beer is a tiny brewery based in my neck of the woods. The brewer is a local photographer with a passion for food and beer. Schippers have delightful branding including this armed and dapper magician for Schipper’s Herr X Vienna Lager. A complex but elegant lager with subtle cherry and raisin aromas. 80’s music nerds will be interested to note that Herr X is the B-side of Ultravox’s Vienna. Illustrations by Paul Densem at Teaspoon Films and design by Gunroom. You can see more work by Gunroom and Paul Densem here and here. Find out more about Schipper’s Beer on their Facebook page. All images property of Schipper’s Beer.  

Monday Bunday: Hare’s Bride Beer

Beautifully illustrated label by Tenfold Collective for Grimm Brothers Brewhouse beer: Hare’s Bride. The label is adult and whimsical without being twee. A man wouldn’t be afraid to hold this in his hand. This label is printed using white and black inks on top of a silver foil. A high alcohol content beer, this is sure to knock the bride off your hare. Bonus: Look for the animated rabbit over at the Tenfold website! Via The Dieline.  

Individual Steak and Guinness Pies

In honour of  St. Paddy’s Day, I invited my friends over for a pot luck dinner. The theme for the dinner was green or Irish and we had a pesto green starter and several green desserts. I made individual steak and Guinness Pies and we also had a green hued potato and pea mash. I confess. I’m not a huge fan of Guinness. I can drink it, but I find it heavy and savoury and pint or bottle is usually enough for me. I do however, enjoy it in a pie. You will need a lidded pot for this recipe (I used a dutch oven) and a 6up muffin tin. This is not the time for a dainty cupcake tin. My muffin tin makes large muffins about 3 inches or 8 cm wide at the base. To measure out how wide I needed the pie cases, I first measured across the wall+base+wall of a muffin tin with the edge of a teatowel and matched this measurement across the mouth a bowl. This bowl became the “cookie …