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Tofu Tuesday: Towel bedding

It has been 1 week since Tofu’s surgery to remove a bladder stone. Tofu has 7 stitches in his belly and until he is healed, he has lots of towels instead of hay. We’re also keeping him inside for now to limit his movement and chances of anything poking into his tender belly. It is a little extra laundry but no biggie. Tofu is getting plenty of snuggles and is eating well. He is currently on 3 meds a day: Deprim – antibiotic Metacam – pain and inflammation Temgesic – a strong opioid  for pain relief Tofu says thank you to all your well wishes.  

Tofu update: post surgery

On Tuesday, Tofu the bunny had surgery to remove a large bladder stone and yesterday the vet gave him the all clear to come home. Tofu wasn’t eating at the vet’s but if he was feeling depressed, going home might be good for him. If he didn’t eat during the night he would have to go back to the vet today. At first we kept him in his indoor hutch to restrict movement so he didn’t injure or bother his stitches but he had other ideas. He was stressed about being locked up and frantically looked for the way out, so we freed him. After inspecting his area a couple of times (to make sure it was just how he left it), he proceeded to spend most of the evening eating. He needed a little bit of encouragement but last night he ate: 1 grape 1 large bok choy 2 coriander plants 1/4 cup of pellets a few bits of hay Not bad for a rabbit who wasn’t eating! He wasn’t eating much this morning …

Update on Tofu

For those that do not follow Bunny Eats Design on Facebook, here is an update on our heart-wrenching week. On Monday, we took Tofu to the vet. He stayed a few days while they ran tests. X-rays showed a marble-sized bladder stone which must be removed via surgery. The stone would be causing him pain and must be removed as soon as possible. Infection Because he also has a bladder infection, the infection must be cleared before they can operate. As you can imagine, infections and surgery are not friends.  Weight loss While Tofu has always been a little overweight, he has lost 200 grams since the last time he was weight. For a rabbit, that’s quite a large weight loss.  Glaucoma The vet was also concerned about one of his eyes. While Tofu already has cataracts in both eyes and cannot see, he may be developing glaucoma in his left eye. If this happens, the eye must be removed. This will be further costs further down the track. Decisions The tests, x-rays, surgery, meds …