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Update on Tofu

For those that do not follow Bunny Eats Design on Facebook, here is an update on our heart-wrenching week.

On Monday, we took Tofu to the vet. He stayed a few days while they ran tests. X-rays showed a marble-sized bladder stone which must be removed via surgery. The stone would be causing him pain and must be removed as soon as possible.


Because he also has a bladder infection, the infection must be cleared before they can operate. As you can imagine, infections and surgery are not friends.

 Weight loss

While Tofu has always been a little overweight, he has lost 200 grams since the last time he was weight. For a rabbit, that’s quite a large weight loss.


The vet was also concerned about one of his eyes. While Tofu already has cataracts in both eyes and cannot see, he may be developing glaucoma in his left eye. If this happens, the eye must be removed. This will be further costs further down the track.


The tests, x-rays, surgery, meds and post-op will cost least $2000NZ. That’s a lot of money for a 6 year old rabbit. What is the right decision? We tried to weigh up the pros and cons. Are we being crazy bunny owners? Are we prolonging suffering? Which is the kinder option? What would Tofu want? I frantically emailed my question to another bunny owner/food blogger, Cass from Food my Friend

…Then to Facebook.

One reader posed two questions to me: “A: Can it be fixed? and B: Are they in pain?”

Another reader said “The decision that would give Tofu a better life is the right one. No bunny should suffer.”

The support was overwhelming though the responses were mixed. In the end it seemed that whatever we weighed up would be the right decision for us. If you have the welfare of your pet in your heart, then whichever decision you make is the right one.

So on Wednesday afternoon, through heavy hearts, tears and difficult conversation, we made the decision to put Tofu to sleep. The Koala quickly called the vet (I couldn’t talk through tears) and asked if we could bring him home immediately to say goodbye and schedule euthanasia for Saturday. We couldn’t leave him out there on death row. We wanted a few good days of bunny cuddles before rainbow bridge.

We cried all the way to the vet. When we got there, the vet team explained his condition, the surgery, advised of his medication and showed us his X-rays. They treated the situation like one that was easily fixed. We paid for the tests and took Tofu home. There were two other bunnies in the waiting room that day and more the day we dropped him off. These people are experts on rabbits.

When we got home, Tofu seemed fine. He had an appetite and he was happy to be snuggled. He said we were overreacting. He still strained to pee but he thought that his extra strong pain meds were the bees knees.

After observing him, thinking on the vet’s treatment plan and more tears, we decided in favour of surgery. We had to at least try. Tofu wasn’t ready for rainbow bridge yet. A bladder stone is not a death sentence. The decision to treat Tofu was a huge weight lifted.

So Tofu lives on!

Surgery is booked for tomorrow. It is such a relief making this decision but we had to at least try. If he gets another stone in 6 months, maybe we will make the hard decision. If he gets another stone in a year? Maybe we will try again.

Thank you for all the support that we have received. Tofu is beloved to us but it seems also to others.

xx Genie, The Koala and Tofu the bunny.

Tofu the bunny wearing a crown

Recycled Tofu Tuesday photo but this is what we’re dealing with!


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I am Genie, a graphic designer/photographer obsessed with food and bunnies. I live in Whanganui, New Zealand with my husband, The Koala and our two rabbits, Kobe and Bento. I write about my hedonistic ways and I love the mantra "Eat well, travel often". I prefer not to write about myself in third person. www.bunnyeatsdesign.com


  1. Iris Rifkin-Gainer says

    Sending all hopes and wishes for you and Tofu. It is heart wrenching, but I wish we had had such options when our bunny passed away. Lovely to see him sporting his well deserved crown. Will keep you in our thoughts through the surgery and beyond. He’s a charmer.

  2. Good decision. It’s amazing how pets truly become part of the family, isn’t it? Amazing and wonderful. I’m so glad Tofu is rallying!

  3. Oh what an awful thing to go through – but I’m so glad that he has the option of surgery, your vet sounds wonderful. Yes $2000 is a massive amount of money, but it’s completely worth it, and he could have another 6 years in him yet! Sending lots of good wishes across the pond, I hope he has an easy recovery from surgery xx

    • Thanks Amy. Yes it a lot of money. We are not rich but the savings are for travel or a rainy day. I cannot imagine enjoying a holiday instead of getting Tofu’s surgery and this occasion is a very rainy day.

  4. Get well better soon, Tofu~! I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I had no idea he had these problems. Eat well, and I hope you feel better as soon as possible Tofu.

  5. Oh, I HOPE everything goes well for you and Tofu tomorrow. You definitely seem to have made the right decision as he’d no doubt show you if he wasn’t happy enough to keep going. Seems you’ve got a real fighter 🙂

    • Thanks Trixi. Sometimes we forget about the feisty fighter Tofu can be since he is often so relaxed. But he reminds us of his feistiness when we have to feed him his meds. Meds do not happen without a fight!

  6. Tofu is indeed a very fortunate bunny to have such kind and loving parents as you and the Koala. He is much loved in the blogging world and will be in our hearts wishing him and you all the best on the day of his surgery and speedy recovery. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Sending my best wishes for Tofu’s surgery! Fingers crossed that he heals quickly and feels better soon. Tough decision either way, but I know you guys have a very special place in your heart for Tofu and you won’t let him down!

  8. Thinking healing thoughts and hoping the best for Tofu. I understand your heartbreak. It’s the hardest decision always to make. I hope Tofu recovers well from his surgery and his nibbling away soon.

  9. Izzy and I are sending all our well wishes Tofu’s way!! I’m so glad you decided to give the surgery a shot, Tofu seems like such a sweetie!! Get well soon Tofu bunny!

  10. Oh my gosh, Genie, such a heart-wrenching story! I love all my furry family and know the struggles you’re dealing with! I’m wishing you and Tofu the very best and sending hugs!

  11. Thanks Lola. Furry family members can mean so much to us. Since it can be hard to know what they want, often it means it is hard to work out their best interest.

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