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Tofu Tuesday: When it’s a nice day

Just a couple of pics of Tofu enjoy our lush, slightly overgrown lawn. Yesterday morning, I found him waiting for me in our hallway. When he realised I was up, he made a run for the back door so I let him out. He is definitely the early riser in our house these days. If the weather is nice, he spends the whole day outside in our big backyard, roaming free and nibbling on whatever he fancies. I bring him inside around sunset. Oh and our neighbours have a friendly pup staying at the moment. He seems to be curious about Tofu too. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.  

Tofu Tuesday: Bed

For the last little while, Tofu has been making his presence known at 6.30am. Rabbits are amazing at telling the time. Maybe he has a rabbit-sized blind person’s watch that’s he’s hidden from us or the morning birds sing the time in their song. The other morning Tofu woke us with loud thumping around the house which is usually a sign of danger or generally being pissed off. I got up and fed him – that seemed to satisfy him. Yesterday morning he jumped up onto the couch for snuggles (I’d fallen asleep on the couch that night). This morning he came into our room and made noises next to my side of the bed waiting to be scooped up onto the bed. I don’t speak rabbit, but I try to understand. Here are the conclusions that I’ve surmised for his morning wake up call. He’s decided that 6.30am is breakfast time It’s getting colder in the mornings and he wants warmth and pets He thinks we should be getting up by then and is disgusted at us In any case, I’m quite …

Tofu Tuesday: Bye Bye Left Eye

Yesterday Tofu had his left eye removed. On Friday evening, I noticed Tofu’s left eye was sealed shut. I freaked out and called the vet immediately and we spent a big chunk of Saturday on standby at the vet clinic. Problems with rabbits escalate very quickly so if you have a pet rabbit and you have any concerns, do not hesitate to see your vet. The clinic was really busy with a bunch of emergencies, but we were also considered urgent by the vet and able to get a diagnosis. Tofu had a corneal ulcer which became severely infected within 24 hours. He probably scratched it or a piece of hay may have poked him in the eye. He already had cataracts in both eyes, so sight wasn’t an issue, but infection is bad news. We were given antibiotics and a follow up visit for Monday. He was super hungry over the weekend and got plenty of snuggles. It was traumatic having force open his red, pus-ridden eye four times a day to administer Chlorsig drops and ointment for infection. He didn’t like us …

Update on Tofu

For those that do not follow Bunny Eats Design on Facebook, here is an update on our heart-wrenching week. On Monday, we took Tofu to the vet. He stayed a few days while they ran tests. X-rays showed a marble-sized bladder stone which must be removed via surgery. The stone would be causing him pain and must be removed as soon as possible. Infection Because he also has a bladder infection, the infection must be cleared before they can operate. As you can imagine, infections and surgery are not friends.  Weight loss While Tofu has always been a little overweight, he has lost 200 grams since the last time he was weight. For a rabbit, that’s quite a large weight loss.  Glaucoma The vet was also concerned about one of his eyes. While Tofu already has cataracts in both eyes and cannot see, he may be developing glaucoma in his left eye. If this happens, the eye must be removed. This will be further costs further down the track. Decisions The tests, x-rays, surgery, meds …

Tofu Tuesday: Pink kiss

The Koala and I hadn’t seen Tofu the bunny all day and went went out and didn’t get home until midnight. The Koala went to fetch Tofu the bunny from our backyard and was surprised to find traces of pink lipstick on his fluffy bunny head. Sometimes we wonder if Tofu the bunny leads a mysterious double life. I think this proves it. Photos taken from the morning after. The lipstick was less prominent, but still there. So, which one of you has been kissing Tofu?  

Tofu Tuesday: First Raspberry

We received a wonderfully summery bounty from The Honesty Box this week. Strawberries, raspberries, avocados, plums, nectarines, peaches, cherry tomatoes and more. Tofu the bunny had never met a raspberry before so I figured it was time. I thought that it would be love at first sniff but he wouldn’t even give it a lick. OK little bunny. Suit yourself. I’ll just leave it here in case you change your mind. When I checked on the raspberry a few hours later, it had vanished. *Please note, raspberry is a very occasional treat for rabbits…Maybe once in a lifetime.

Tofu Tuesday: Tofu and Cream

Meet Cream the bunny. Cream is moving from New Zealand to Japan today and we wish him and his family a safe journey. Last weekend, Cream and his owner, Yoshi came for a play date to meet Tofu and to say goodbye. The Koala and I met Yoshi through The Japanese Art Festival which he runs. Over the years we have become friends, first exhibiting our work and more recently, helping with the design, promotion and running of the event. The Japanese Festival will be sadly missed as Yoshi and family move back to Japan. Tofu hasn’t seen a bunny in about 5 years so this was a very special visit. Tofu was the dominant one but Cream had his sight and therefore the upper hand. Cream also showed us a few binkys (random twisting rabbit jumps) to say he was quite pleased. The bunnies were  curious of each other and Tofu took his time carefully examining Cream’s carry case while Cream explored our house. The Koala even got to hold both bunnies at once. …