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Tofu Tuesday: First Raspberry

tofu-raspberry-1 tofu-raspberry-2 tofu-raspberry-3

We received a wonderfully summery bounty from The Honesty Box this week. Strawberries, raspberries, avocados, plums, nectarines, peaches, cherry tomatoes and more.

Tofu the bunny had never met a raspberry before so I figured it was time. I thought that it would be love at first sniff but he wouldn’t even give it a lick.

OK little bunny. Suit yourself. I’ll just leave it here in case you change your mind.

When I checked on the raspberry a few hours later, it had vanished.

*Please note, raspberry is a very occasional treat for rabbits…Maybe once in a lifetime.

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I am Genie, a graphic designer/photographer obsessed with food and bunnies. I live in Whanganui, New Zealand with my husband, The Koala and our two rabbits, Kobe and Bento. I write about my hedonistic ways and I love the mantra "Eat well, travel often". I prefer not to write about myself in third person.


  1. How adorable! Have you ever given him a grape? You have to cut it in half otherwise it’s rather hilarious watching them try to bite into it. Dustie would drool oodles of grape juice out of both sides of her mouth as she ate it. Be careful as they may choke on the skin so I usually peeled it for her.

    • Hi Eva! Dustie grape juice dribble! Adorbs! I love watching rabbits eating juicy things. Have you seen this video?

      Tofu goes BERSERK over grapes. He always takes it in his mouth and runs away with it. He doesn’t trust us enough to eat grapes near us. It can be frantic to watch since he is blind now and shouldn’t really be running at full speed! Sometimes he drops it and has to run back to find it. Not an easy task.

  2. So he finally did like it! My brother and I once gave my mum’s cat some coffee… (also once in a lifetime) It was hilarious, she spent all afternoon running all over the place, when what she should usually do is sleep! xx

  3. What a special treat for Tofu!! Izzy hates grapes, the little weirdo. Her favorites are definitely pineapple and apple. If I’m eating the later on the couch, she will harass me to no end until I relent and give her a piece.

  4. So sweet! I remember my Grandparents had rabbits in pens, we used to give them banana peels and they loved them.

    btw, I never ate them… (neither rabbits nor banana peels)

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