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Bastille Day Wine Tasting

Our Bastille Day Cheese and Wine Tasting was a barrel of laughs. Tasting different wines side by side was awesome. You taste a little of each and then go back for more until it’s all gone. The wines changed as we drank them and some that I didn’t like at the start were delicious at the end. I suspect a combination of booze and air affected the taste. At our wine tasting, there were ten wine tasters and six bottles of red wine. There were three French wines in honour of Bastille Day, two Australian wines and one New Zealand wine. A good mix. I asked each guest to bring either  cheese or a red wine that they hadn’t tried before, with a price limit of $20. Loose lips and dutch rudders Being the slightly crazy foodie that I am, everyone was encouraged to take notes on the wines based on some key points. Strong opinions and poetic license were held in high regard. Our rating system from 0 to 10: 0 = yuck 5 = …

Monday Bunday: Suerte Tequila

Tequila and I have a mutual respect. Really good tequila, the stuff that is classier than me, has my respect. The trashy stuff that needs a wince and a chaser, I can do without. The tattooed rabbits on these bottles of tequila from Suerte were designed by tattoo artist Adam Jackson. Suerte means “luck” in Spanish and what is luckier that a tattooed rabbit? Visit for more Adam’s goodies. Design company Swig Studio are responsible for this beauty. See more of their work here: Love bunny things? Check out more editions of Monday Bunday here.   

Monday Bunday: Silly Pink Bunnies

Jeremy Fish ( draws awesome bunnies. He has also contributed in the art scavenger hunt in London in conjunction with Juxtapoz Magazine and Absolut Vodka. If I were in London, I would be scavenging for this signed piece. Isn’t it divine? Watch the trailer for the whole project here. (Is it still called a trailer if it’s not for a film?)

Bitch and Wine

Here are the tasting notes from Saturday’s cheese and wine tasting party. The budget was $15 which is a common budget for all the drinkers in the group and I asked my guests to buy a wine that they had never tasted before. There were 6 wines and they were all reds. I really enjoyed being able to taste the reds side by side and there was no shame about trying one and then another and then going back to the first one just to “make sure”. Drinking wine helps the creative review process. Whether it is a valid opinion is…up to you to decide. Disclaimer! The following are the drunken opinion of a group of 11 amateur wine tasters. These notes do not reflect the feelings of this blog or of sober adults. Right to creative license reserved. In alphabetical order… 1. Durbanville Hills Pinotage South Africa, 2009 “Gives me grabby hands” Looks like Purplish Smells like Food A petrol station on fire with a terminator walking slowly from the flames Kind of gritty, …

Hive Bar and Utopia, Luang Prabang, Laos

Hive Bar and Utopia are two bars that we loved in Luang Prabang. It wasn’t suprising that while we were at Utopia with New Zealand friends O and M, we bumped into some lovely ladies from our Intrepid Travel group. Utopia is one of those venues that has many little areas and while it’s all technically outdoors, there’s plenty of covered and cushioned spots that feel very cosy indeed. The food is pretty good, they great cocktails, they have shisha and best of all, they were playing Fat Freddy’s Drop while we were there. If you don’t feel like relaxing, eating and drinking, there are plenty of other activities to do at Utopia such as foos ball and volleyball. Yup, the have their own volleyball area away from spillable cocktails. The Koala was very happy with his burger and chips but I didn’t feel like a proper meal so got a couple of dishes to graze on. Luang Prabang sausage and grilled tofu with pesto complimented my Bloody Mary perfectly. After that we head to Hive for …