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Buddha Bunny Brainwaves #3

I’ve been thinking a lot about beautiful souls a lot lately. A beautiful soul is a person who shines from within and gives colourful depth to everyone they meet. You know the kind. You hear about their deeds through other people and it makes you go “Awwwww…”. I bet I could sort everyone I’ve ever met into 3 categories: Love, Don’t Love, OK. The ones that I love, even if I’ve only spent a fleeting moment with them are what I consider to be beautiful souls. I wish all the beautiful souls I’ve met, know how beautiful they are. Read other Buddha Bunny Brainwaves here.


A mutual joy of beloved but curious foods. Finding common ground in love of unusual foods is a pastime of mine. This afternoon, on separate occasions, I related the loveliness of smoked eel with someone and later with someone else, the magnificence of good quality anchovies. I get such a buzz seeing the delight in someone else’s eyes as we share our taste for something unusual. What unusual food do you love that doesn’t get talked about enough? Let’s talk!