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Tofu Tuesday: Waiting for the strawberry plants

Tofu the bunny loves strawberry plants and always checks to see if any strawberry leaves or runners have grown down to the height that he can reach. He will wait patiently below the strawberry plants for hours each day. Can you can see the two lower black holes of the planter are empty? That’s because Tofu pulls out the plants he can reach and gobbles them up. I thought I was being so smart putting the planter up high on top of a bucket. Tofu the bunny is smarter than I.

On the bandwagon at Depot

This week, I convinced Miss A to try out Al Brown’s new restaurant at Sky City: Depot with me. It’s had great reviews and what I read about the food really appealed to me. If you haven’t read the reviews, this place is small. The are no real chairs, just stools that you perch at. This means your bags and coats may need to find a hook on the wall. It also means that you’re unlikely to get cosy enough to let your dining experience drag on. Smart. Third time’s a charm. We had failed to get a table twice the night before – at about 7pm (full) and then at about 10pm (kitchen closed). This time we were joined by Uncle and more determined to eat. It was lunch so the turnaround was faster and that means better odds for a table. They don’t take bookings here and they get busy. You have been warned. We took one end of a large table. If communal dining isn’t your thing, then you might want to say …